Unique Holiday Gifts For The Gardner

Every year, there is that one person on your holiday shopping list that may be a little harder to shop for. Gardeners fall into this category often because one gets tired of buying the same usual thing that the gardener gets every year. Sure, you could buy a gift card to a local nursery but that tends to be impersonal. We have put together a gift guide to help you find a cool and special gift that shows you put some thought into their gift.

Grass Seed For A Lush Lawn

Gardeners love their land and want it to look its absolute best year round. Fescue grass seed may sound like nothing exciting but for the gardener, it’s a wonderful addition to their land. Why is Fescue a perfect option? Because it does well in cooler weather and requires little care during the winter. It’s a hearty grass that can also handle plenty of foot traffic. Weeds also don’t thrive among Fescue grass so it allows the gardener to lessen their weeding chores.

Indoor Gardening Incubators

During the winter, there really isn’t much for the gardener to do and for some, it can be a hard shift into non-gardening mode. Incubators, such as an AeroGarden, can be a great benefit to the gardener. Not only can they continue growing plants from seedlings indoors, they can get a jump start on the spring preparations.

No-Odor Composters

Gardeners often use composters to create natural fertilizers for their gardens. Most composters don’t smell all that pleasant. A Living Composter is a fantastic tool that can be kept right in the kitchen! Not only is it a convenient way to keep composting scraps in the winter, it does not smell and keeps your gardener motivated during the cold months. The compost can then be used for indoor plants until Spring arrives, or be designated for indoor plants all year long.

For The Fairy Lover

If your gardener loves fairy and gnome gardens, a fairy garden subscription box can be a big hit this year. A small box includes three small items and a medium box includes three small and one large item. A medium box could include a fairy house. Boxes range from a single box to a subscription up to twelve months. Not only can you give them a gift at the holiday, it keeps on arriving throughout the year!

Self-Watering Plant Pot

The Parrot Pot is a fantastic new gem on the market that is perfect for the gardener who doesn’t leave home for long. The Parrot Pot is a self-watering Wi-Fi enabled pot that takes care of a single plant and is synced to a mobile phone app. You can water the plant from anywhere on the app! It also monitors the plant to see if there are issues with lighting and watches the soil nutrient levels. Not only can your gardener take a little vacation, they can step up their high-tech game with this gift.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Is your gardener getting older and struggles with mowing the lawn? It can be a taxing chore and a robotic lawn mower can be a great assistant to the aging gardener. Look for the model that is low-noise and features security measures (such as an alarm and pin number required) to ensure that the equipment is not stolen.

With this gift list you can find a perfect and special gift for the gardener that is tired of receiving new seed packets or small gardening tools.

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