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Unwanted Skin Issues & How To Get Rid Of Them & Glow Again!

Everyone wants healthy, glowing skin. But the problem is that many things can get in the way of achieving it. Fortunately, you can find out all about the most common unwanted skin issues in the post below, and get some advice on how to get rid of them and return your skin to its natural glowing glory! 


A form of dermatitis, eczema can not only be unsightly but itchy and painful too. Eczema can affect almost any part of the body and face as well, with neck elbows, feet, and hands being the most common sites. Sadly, for those suffering from eczema, there is no single cure. Instead, a combination of lifestyle changes such as cutting out certain food groups like dairy, or sugar may help. Seeking support from a dermatologist who can supply you with medicated creams, and other treatments can be helpful too. 

Unwanted tattoos

Yes, it’s true that for many the unwanted skin issue they are dealing with is a tattoo that they no longer love. It could be that they have outgrown the design, or that their body art hasn’t aged as well as they’d like. Unfortunately, the whole idea of tattoos is that they are permanent, which means getting rid of them can be tough. The good news is that there are options other than having an unwanted tattoo removed with a laser, which can be costly, painful, and take a long time. Indeed, non laser tattoo removal options include dermabrasion, salabrasion, and surgical removal. Some people have even reported success with home remedies such as honey and lemon!  


Psoriasis is a skin condition that manifests as a red rash that crusts into scale-like white formations. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that affects the skin, and sometimes also the joints. While many people see Psoriasis as an aesthetic issue, it can also be painful for those that suffer from it. Treatment includes steroids, oral medications, and even light therapy. Although management of the condition, rather than sure, is usually the goal.  


Vitiligo is a skin issue where patches of pigmentation are a different color from the individual’s usual skin tone. It’s also worth noting that because of the body positivity movement and pioneers like the stunning Winny Harlow, Vitiligo is now not always an unwanted condition. With many accepting, and being proud of their unique look.  However, if you are struggling with the way you feel about your Vitiligo, there are treatments as well as camouflage cosmetics that can help even out your skin tone. 

Acne and blemishes

Last of all, common unwanted skin complaints that many of us suffer from are blemishes, which in their most extreme state can be known as acne. The good news is there are plenty of treatments that can help keep your skin blemish-free such as topical steroid creams, and LED therapy masks. Additionally, knowing how to properly take care of your skin, even when it’s acne-free, can help it stay clear and glowing for as long as possible. 

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