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Useful Tips That Will Make Traveling With Kids More Convenient And Comfortable

Traveling with kids is often more trouble than it’s worth, but there are several easy things you can do that will make your life considerably easier. The tips in this article are simple to do and don’t require much effort on your part. As long as you have a little forethought, none of these ideas will slow down your trip.

1. Go to hotels for families

Make sure to look into hotels that offer space and quiet for your family. Just because you’re traveling with kids doesn’t mean you have to give up luxury. Many hotels will even provide a room just for the kids, complete with toys, blankets, pillows, and maybe even a television or other means of entertainment. If going to Missouri, choose some kid-friendly hotels in St Louis that provide free breakfast or giving your kids some snacks to take along on the road. The little things are often the difference between an okay trip and one filled with tantrums at every turn.

2. Pack light

When traveling with kids, the smaller, the better. Kids have a way of making everything they need to take up an entire room. When packing, only bring the essentials and leave all the extra toys and other items you don’t need at home. Consider bringing a small tablet or smartphone for each child, along with some watchable movies to keep them occupied during long drives. Make sure to stop often for snacks and opportunities to stretch their legs before they turn into little monsters.

3. Pack snacks

Snacks are a must when traveling with kids. Be sure that you have a couple of healthy options available as well as your typical candy bar fare, just in case the car ride is longer than expected. Pack foods that will not spoil easily, such as granola bars, nuts, crackers, fresh fruit, even sandwiches if you plan on stopping somewhere along the way. You can even make a few of these ahead of time and put them in a cooler to save on space.

4. Keep an emergency kit handy

There are several things you’ll want to keep packed away safely, just in case your trip takes an unexpected turn for the worse. Make sure your car is equipped with safety kits, extra batteries, blankets, flashlights, matches, bottled water, flares, or other reflective objects that can be used at night if needed. Keep all of this stuff together so that it’s easy to find when you need it most.

5. Let them pack their own bag

The best way to let kids know that they’re important is to allow them to have a say in their travel plans. Let each child pick out one or two toys they want to bring along and put them in a small bag that is easy to transport. Then, let them pack it themselves when you make your trip. If they know what’s going on ahead of time, there won’t be any surprises for them, which means fewer meltdowns during the trip itself.

6. Find creative ways to entertain kids

If you have older kids who are less inclined to sit through the entire trip, it might be beneficial if each child can bring along a few items for entertainment. Consider including coloring books, crayons or markers, paper, cards, or even sewing kits for those who may want to take up art as a hobby. You can also pack small toys that will keep them occupied during car rides, but please don’t let them play with anything that could pose a choking hazard while driving.

7. Spread out the activities

If you have kids who are not inclined to sit still for long periods of time, it’s best if you don’t attempt to do everything at once. Try to space out rest stops and activity options, so everyone has a chance to go when they need it. For example, stop after about three hours of driving, give everyone an hour or two to stretch their legs before heading back on the road again. If your child needs more downtime, consider stopping for lunch instead. You can always try exploring cities that are along your route as well, just in case you’re running low on things to keep kids busy during the trip.

Why is preparing a good thing when traveling with kids?

By having all the essentials in place, you’ll be able to avoid crying, whining, and arguing before you even get out of your driveway. Throwing a few snacks in a bag will also go a long way when it comes to sticking to your budget. Once everything is packed safely away, feel free to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride without worrying about what might happen along the way.

Taking kids on road trips may seem like an ordeal, but it doesn’t have to turn into something that’s completely unpleasant. If you plan ahead and bring along the necessary supplies for everyone, your travel days can be just as relaxing as any other!

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