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Useful Tools and Resources for First-Time Homeowners

First-time homeowners need all the help they can get. The good thing is there are many tools you can use to make your first-time experience a little better. The problem is many people don’t know about these tools, but the following list should help people get started.


Perhaps one of the most essential tools for first-time homeowners is the Centriq app. It may not seem like such a big deal, but this app makes it easy for you to see troubleshooting guidelines or instruction manuals for your home appliances. Remember, fixing home and kitchen appliances can be costly. With a bit of maintenance, you should be able to reduce home-related costs each month or year. All you have to do is take a picture of your appliance, and this app will bring up all the information you need. Being able to type in what you’re looking for after the information is downloaded is a plus.


This is another important tool to use. It helps connect you to your neighbors with your phone. You’ll be able to talk about happenings in your neighborhood, and you’ll be able to get to know each other more effectively. On top of that, having an app like this can even make a more inclusive neighborhood. The ability to report racial profiling is part of Nextdoor racism-prevention efforts first introduced in 2018. This has been helping in a lot of ways. It’s been giving folks in your neighborhood an opportunity to have honest conversations, which may help change the fabric of your community.


This is a helpful tool if you worry about sustainability and saving money. The more you waste, the more you hurt the earth. People know that, but it goes beyond that. The reality is you will pay for the extra energy you use. Even if you don’t believe in climate change, you might believe in saving money here and there. This app helps with that. You’ll learn to reduce your energy and water use. You’ll learn to reduce waste in your household and much more. It may be hard to make some of these changes at first, but you’ll get used to everything in time.


One thing many first-time homeowners deal with is that the house doesn’t feel like it’s theirs. Something about it just doesn’t feel familiar. Well, you are not alone if you feel like that, and the good thing is there’s something you could do. You can work on decorating your home. Interior design may not seem that important, but it allows you to add your signature to your home. The more you do this, the more you’ll feel like this is your home. No matter where you look, you’ll see a piece of yourself. This is where your Havenly app can make a difference. The app simplifies interior design to help you make your house look like a dream.

Vivint Smart Home

The Vivint Smart Home app is an excellent app to have as a first-time homeowner, but you will need a few other things. You’ll need an account with this company and several innovative security tools that your app can connect to. You’ll need tools like smart locks, smart doorbells, smart motion sensors, and a smart alarm system. All of these could be linked to your app, making it easy to lock your doors even if you aren’t home. You could even see who’s ringing your doorbell even if you aren’t home using nothing but your Wi-Fi-connected smartphone. Having an app and a system like this could make you feel comfortable in your new home, and that’s a priceless feeling.

Hopefully, these resources are helpful as a first-time homeowner. Don’t stop here, though. Keep looking because there are bound to be more apps that’ll make your life easier.;tid=1;dt=6;

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