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Vacation Alert! Backpacking to Costa Rica Simplified

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Are you considering Costa Rica for your next trip destination? Well, it isn’t surprising that you are. According to a recent survey, backpacking to Costa Rica is one of Central America’s desired vacation destinations. It is a beautiful, friendly, accessible, and budget-friendly country that makes it a favorable destination for many. As a travel enthusiast, you have countless adventure options in Costa Rica. You can opt for ziplining, rafting, hiking, surfing, and cycling to enjoy your exhilarating vacation. 

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling isn’t the same anymore. One must be fully-equipped with travel essentials to make their trip thrilling. So, if you are all set for your trip to Costa Rica, here are a few pointers to make it even more happening.

 Prepare well to adjust to the climatic conditions of Costa Rica

Being close to the Equator, Costa Rica has a tropical climate. The sun is brighter, and the rain is unpredictable. Carry your sunscreen that contains SPF 30 or more to avoid nasty sunburns. Raincoats and umbrellas might come in handy in case of sudden rainfall. It is better to research the weather forecast before leaving for your vacation.

Due to the damp and moist climate, many travelers even suffer from bug and mosquito bites. It goes without saying that you need to carry mosquito and bug repellents to avoid those mosquito and bug bites. 

Don’t forget to include Covid-19 Essentials

Since November, Costa Rica has opened its doors for travelers from across the world. As long as they meet all the Covid -19 requirements, they are welcomed graciously in the country. It is advised to look for the latest updates on the Coronavirus pandemic situation in Costa Rica before entering the country. 

If you meet all the legal requirements, do not forget to carry extra masks, sanitizers, a thermometer, soaps, and gloves along with you. Keep your medical certificates and other legal documents handy since it can be asked anywhere and anytime.

 Keep a slot for your special beach day.

Many travel bloggers often describe the best way to enjoy a relaxing vacation in Costa Rica is to take a day off and go for a sunbath on a beach. The country is also known for its beaches, such as Playa Tortuguero and Playa Salsa Brava. 

Are you worried about renting a beach house in Costa Rica? Search for some budget-friendly and sumptuous homestays to spend your perfect vacation. According to many renowned travelers, Pura Vida House has the best beach resorts in Costa Rica. Don’t forget your bathing suit and a pair of flip flops to enjoy your Beach Day Out. 

 Explore the Unexplored

Once you land in Costa Rica, you can always search for the best travel destinations. Amongst all the travel destinations, hiking is one the popular choice. Costa Rica is a mountainous country, and many travelers sing their tale of exploring the unexplored part of the country. Some of these secret tourist destinations include places like  Rincon de la Vieja and Rio Celeste. So, put on your leather hiking boots and gear up for your next adventure


2020 has been a harsh year for all of us. It is better to blow off some steam by traveling to one of Central America’s exotic vacation destinations. Whether you plan a solo trip or a trip with your friends or family, Costa Rica has much more to offer than you expect. Now, you have what you need. What is waiting for? Go and pack your bags and head out to your adventure.

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