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Vitacost’s New Spice Store



I order a variety of health and wellness products online, and  for years has been a one stop shop for all of my needs.  After all, they are the leading online retailer of health and wellness products. Most of the products that I order from Vitacost cannot  be easily found in my area, and the few products that I have found are super expensive. I’ve ordered everything from vitamins, to soaps, to gluten-free pasta, and now spices. Vitacost is a true haven for me.

Vitacost recently launched a new Spice Store that carries more than 400 discounted spices at up to 47% off! With cooking healthier in mind, Vitacost now offers an extensive inventory of high-quality, organic spices and seasonings to suit the culinary needs of their customers.  This is awesome news for me because spices in the supermarkets are getting expensive. I keep a lot of spices on hand so being able to order them from Vitacost will definitely be more convenient and cost effective.

To help me re-up on spices, Vitacost provided me with a gift card and some of their popular spices. Below is a list of spices I received/purchased. I can’t wait to use them!

Spices Pictured

Bob’s Red Mill Sea Salt, Badia Organic Onion Powder, Badia Organic Ground Black Pepper, Frontier Organic Orange Peel, Frontier All Natural Cardamom Seed, Frontier Organic Chipotle, Frontier Jamaican Jerk, Bragg Organic Sprinkle 24 Herbs and Spices Seasoning, Spike Salt- Free Seasoning, Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste, and Thai Kitchen Roasted Red Chili Paste.

Did you know?

Vitacost conducted an internal survey that found their customers were more likely to use spices such as garlic, cinnamon and turmeric specifically for their health benefits. The results of the survey indicated that 74% of customers regularly used these spices for health reasons.


Saturday 12th of January 2013

I always love new spices. I've never tried organic ones but every "organic" version of everything that I've tasted always tastes better.


Wednesday 16th of January 2013

True, the quality is SO much better!

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