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Walmart’s Making Great Strides Towards Sustainability

As a Walmart Mom, I love sharing recipes, diy projects, and promos incorporating Walmart, but I especially love sharing what they are doing to be a responsible brand. Over the years, I have watched Walmart make major moves in the area of sustainability and I am happy to share some of their latest from this month’s Global Sustainability Milestone Meeting.

Walmart has made a strong commitment to:
– Be supplied 100% by renewable energy
– Create zero waste
– Sell products that sustain people and the environment

without making customers pay more.

Walmart contributes their successful sustainability journey to seeking the help of leading NGOS around the world, like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).Yes you read right, the organization once dedicated to saving tigers, polar bears and pandas, has expanded their reach to big business… to make a real impact.


Feeding people without destroying the planet is a huge challenge, which is why Walmart spends so much time on the issue. Walmart has worked closely with NGOS to address food sustainability challenges (resource scarcity) in their supply chain. Walmart believes that customers deserve quality products at affordable prices and shouldn’t have to chose from lesser product. Through direct connections with farmers and markets, Walmart continues to work on strengthening local farmers and economies, while providing customers around the world with long-term access to affordable, high-quality, fresh food.

Walmart Brazil

Brazilians feel the impacts of resource scarcity and climate change more than US. areas of greatest growth for many retailers. Walmart continues to invest socially, focusing on climate & energy, waste, products people & community.

The Beef Program

Beef cattle represent the leading driver of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. To help mitigate the issue, Walmart has sponsored a ranger station to protect acreage from clear cutting for cattle and will explore other opportunities to expand beef-related sustainability efforts beyond deforestation.

Job for Women & Impoverished

Walmart sponsors a Social Retail School in Brazil in which they train provide young students with business skills and jobs. Eighty percent of students, many whom are impoverished are hired to work in Walmart Brazil positions. The Social Retail School has increased 65% since 2010, over 1743 graduate, 64% of them being women.

Walmart also sponsors Cooper Yara Recycling co-ops which create jobs for the homeless. The recycling coop keeps recyclables out of the dump. Sixty-five percent of municipalities were getting rid of waste in landfills rather than recycling. Cooperyara in Brazil has recaptured 250 tons of residue every month since it has been established.

Local Produce

One of Walmart’s goals is to double the sale of locally sourced produce in the U.S. by the end of 2015. Walmart, with the help of Tuskegee University and the USDA, is actively working with small growers to make supplying to Walmart (a large retailer) a little less intimidating. Walmart also plans to develop a produce sustainability assessment tool, which 30% of all supplies for Walmart will be required to use. It’s expected to be perfected in the next 3 years.

Through collaboration and transparency, Walmart plans to lead by example in their sustainable efforts to raise the entire industry. It’s not about competition, but making an impact and that’s what truly makes a difference. To keep up with Walmart’s sustainability efforts, visit and subscribe to the The Green Room.

I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. Walmart is compensating me for sharing this announcement. All words and opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure policy here.

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