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Ways to Be Considered a Cool Mom

Ideally, we all want to be accepted by our children and, dare we say, even considered to be “cool”. Every mother wants to have a relationship with her children that’s based on mutual trust and respect. However, some parents struggle to reach this point in their relationship with their children.

The saddest part is that some parents choose to entirely give up as soon as they come across even the slightest hint of resistance. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of tips that will help you become way cooler in your kids’ eyes. Check them out. 

Show interest

The first way you can make your way into even your teenager’s heart is by expressing interest in the things they like. Remember, when they were little, they listened to the same music and watched the same movies as you did, so they got to learn all about who you are as a person and where your interests lie. Now’s the time for you to do the same for them. Watch their favorite YouTube videos and listen to that new Billie Eilish song. Even if you don’t find the things your kids like personally too appealing, try to understand and respect their reasons behind liking the things they do. 

Do fun things together

Furthermore, you should also try to do as many fun things with your kids as you possibly can. Having fun together can really bring people closer, so keep that in mind. Designate a day in a week that’s reserved for only you and your kid(s). You can choose to partake in fun activities and do something nice for each other. For instance, you can go get your makeup done together or visit your favorite hair wigs salon. You can also buy something nice for each other to commemorate the day. Getting the same rose quartz ring for you and your daughter may be a nice way to further strengthen your mother-daughter bond. 

Encourage their individuality

Moreover, you need to realize that your kids are growing up to be their own individuals. That’s why you should do your best to encourage their individuality as much as possible. As they grow, they’ll be shaping their own unique personalities. Chances are they’ll also look up to you for some guidance and support. By showing them that you’ll be there every step of their way to show full support and encouragement, you can rest assured that you’ll become way cooler in their eyes. 

Say it like it is

Finally, while we all want our kids to be happy and feel supported and encouraged to be themselves, we also want only what’s best for them. What that means is that, sometimes, you will need to have a serious conversation with them, especially if you feel like they might be making a wrong choice. When that time comes, you will need to have a heart to heart conversation with them without trying to sugar coat things. If you feel like your child’s future might be at stake or that they’re doing something that could potentially hurt them in the long-run, tell them! Say it like it is. It will probably hurt their feelings right at that moment but if you continue on with the conversation and make it obvious to them that you’re only doing it with their best interest in mind, they will certainly thank you later. 

Nobody said that parenting is easy. Whoever thought that it is has never been more wrong. But being a parent is also beautiful. So, if you want your kids to think of you as a cool parent, keep these tips in mind. Love them and support them to the best of your abilities but don’t shy away from putting your foot down when it actually matters.;tid=1;dt=6;

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