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Ways to Bond with Your Unborn Baby

Congratulations! You have confirmation you are pregnant. There is nothing quite like the excitement you experience when you learn there is a little one growing inside of you. It is also very likely a wave of anxiety and apprehension will find its way into your psyche as well. Are you prepared for this? Whether it’s baby number one, two, or more, there is likely some concern that you will be doing all the right things to make sure this baby comes into the world healthy. You can do several things to ease your mind and make you feel connected to that life you’re making.

Bonding With Baby in Utero

We all know the importance of taking care of ourselves during pregnancy. And as the baby grows, so does your belly, and subsequently your discomfort. There are many tried and true ways to lessen this discomfort. However, yoga can ease your discomfort and be a perfect time to feel yourself connecting with your baby. Yoga allows you to become more in tune with your own body. Yoga instructors have been trained to help you understand your body and ways the movements can help to relax you, allow you to become more mindful, and might even rock baby to sleep so you can focus.

If you find yourself having conversations with the baby, keep it up! The sound of your voice is soothing to the baby. They learn to recognize your voice early on. Test out names you’re considering while you talk to your baby. If you already know its name, try nicknames while you’re at it. Of course, if you do not know the sex of your baby or just can’t decide what you want to name it, lots of “I love you” and sweet words will also help connect you.

Beyond talking, read books to your baby. This will also allow them to recognize your voice and find comfort in hearing it. With so many children’s books available, this could serve as the perfect time for you to figure out the books you’ll enjoy reading over and over again with your baby as it matures and the ones you know you won’t! It is never too early to develop a love of reading in your child. And reading before bedtime will become a cherished routine in the years to come.

Not all of us have the pipes of Mariah Carey or the whimsical voice of Taylor Swift, but your baby will still benefit of music and hearing you sing to it. The songs you sing to your baby become familiar to them, which becomes an excellent tool for you as you look for ways to calm your baby when it is finally safe within your arms. Just like your voice provides soothing and comfort, so do the songs you sing. Your baby doesn’t care if you can carry a tune; it cares that it’s coming from you.

While regular doctor’s visits will be the best information source for your baby’s development, a baby heart monitor can ease your mind. These fetal monitors allow you to hear your baby’s heart rate as early as 13 weeks pregnant. In addition, you can listen to all the other sounds your baby makes, including hiccups and movements. Not only can this provide an opportunity to feel connected with your baby, but it can also provide reassurance throughout the pregnancy.

As you progress in your pregnancy, there is a natural inclination to cradle and rub your belly. You feel as the baby moves inside you, gives you kicks, and nudges you. This time can also serve as an early form of play. You might be surprised that baby kicks or elbows back when you respond to their movements. A baby that keeps on kicking back might just give you a glimpse of what lies in store for you! As it turns out, this is also a perfect opportunity to bond with your baby.

The Road Ahead

Pregnancy can be a difficult time for many women. There are so many things to figure out even when you’ve done it before. Every baby, every child, is different. There is no perfect formula for bonding with the baby during those nine months. The most important thing is recognizing that you are doing everything possible to have the best experience for yourself and your baby. Enjoy the process. Find the things that allow you to feel good while also bonding with the baby. Belt those tunes like Mariah because it may be the one-time people forgive you for singing off-key! Baby will love you because it’s your voice bringing them comfort in this crazy world they’re about to enter.;tid=1;dt=6;

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