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Ways To Improve Your Small Space

Living in a small home doesn’t have to mean that you’re constantly uncomfortable and wishing it were bigger. There are ways for how you can improve your small space so that you can enjoy your place more and not feel so cramped. 

Avoid worrying about how tight of quarters it is and instead focus on all the positives and what you do like about where you live. Put the following ideas into action, and you’ll find that your small space isn’t as bad as you once thought. After a few modifications, you’ll find that you like coming home to a warm and cozy spot that you can call your own. 

Apply the Right Paint

A fresh coat of paint may be all you need so that you can start enjoying your small space more. It’s not only going to freshen up your place and make it look nicer, but it also has the ability to change the entire footprint and way you view your space. Paint can impact your moods and also make a small space appear larger than it is. You want the project done right, so find professional interior painters online who can help you achieve this goal. Do your homework in advance so you pick out colors that you both like and that will help to make your space look like it has more square footage. 

Add an Air Conditioning Unit 

Whether you live in an incredibly hot climate or one which enjoys a warm but comfortable summer, an air conditioning unit can improve your comfort within your small space at all times. Smaller spaces can often feel like they retain heat more than large, open plan rooms, which makes this addition a great choice. However, it’s essential to enlist the help of a professional air conditioning service to ensure it’s safely and correctly installed. It’s also key to maintain your air conditioning unit, even when you aren’t using it, to keep it in tip-top condition at all times.     

Purchase Dual Purpose Furniture

Be mindful about what furniture pieces you buy and where you place them in your place. Either opt to have one or two large pieces in each room or a lot of smaller items to sit on and use. In addition, use dual-purpose furniture such as pieces that also act as storage. This way you can put your belongings away when you’re not using them such as blankets, books, and magazines. You may also want to consider sleeping on a day bed that you can pull out and use at nighttime and then put away and use as seating in the daytime hours. Only purchase and display furniture that you find is functional and also helps to make your space feel homier. 

Utilize Your Walls & Vertical Space 

Think vertically and upward when you live in a small home instead of taking up more space on the ground. For example, hang floating shelves, mount your television, and make sure your curtains are placed high up on the wall to make your ceilings look taller. Improve your small space by decorating your walls and avoiding having too many items taking up room on your floors. You can also use this tip in your backyard and build a vertical garden wall right off your back door. 

Install Pocket Doors

Another handy option that you may find appealing is to install pocket doors instead of the type that swing-out. This is going to save you a lot of space and will make it easier to get from room to room without much hassle. You’re going to love how much more room this adjustment gives you in your small space. Your small home will instantly improve, and you’ll find that it’s much easier to maneuver through the different areas of your place. 

Live Minimally 

If there’s one sure way to improve your small space, it’s to choose to live minimally and not create more clutter. This means only owning and having in your home what you actually use and need. Take time to declutter your belongings and get rid of or donate what you no longer use or want sitting around. Take a good look at your clothes and items you own and don’t be afraid to remove what only seems to be in the way and taking up space. 

You may also find your mind is clearer and you’re less stressed out when you’re not surrounded by so many different belongings and are living your life according to your rules. There’s no reason to overcrowd yourself where you live, especially if it’s in a smaller space that can only handle so much stuff.


Your small space and life are both going to improve immensely when you choose to make these adjustments in your home. Think of living minimally as a challenge and then put your mind to removing and getting rid of what’s only taking up room and causing you chaos and frustration. Continue to play around and try different approaches until you find the solutions and configurations that enhance your living environment and put a smile on your face.

Photo by Thgusstavo Santana from Pexels

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