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Ways To Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day focuses on showing love to others like a child or spouse. It’s a holiday where people spend thousands of dollars on gifts and activities to broadcast their feelings about someone else. That’s why you go out of your way to ensure that those closest to you feel the love on February 14th. Unfortunately, the person that needs the most love often goes overlooked – yourself. 

The truth is, you can’t possibly show love to others if you don’t first love yourself. Through that understanding of self-love, you can care for people in a way that meets their physical and emotional needs. So, on a day that’s all about love and happiness, don’t forget to extend those feelings to yourself. Below are some suggestions. 

Buy Yourself A Gift

As you’re buying stuffed animals, stickers, candy, and cards for your kids or watches, cologne, and gift cards for your significant other, treat yourself to something nice. Although the element of surprise is gone, the satisfaction of investing in your own interests is just as rewarding. Whether you treat yourself to a meal, a new outfit, a book, shoes, a spa day, new tech, or diamond rings, it’s a great way to say, “I love me.” 

Take A Break

Are you someone that’s constantly on the grind? You’re always on the move trying to earn a living and provide for your family. Although that’s life, it’s also emotionally and physically overwhelming. So, give yourself the day off this Valentine’s day. 

Call out from work, ask someone else to help with the kids, and spend the day doing things that bring you peace and happiness. Whether you lounge around the house in pj’s all day eating comfort foods and watching television or you plan a mini staycation and explore your city, it’s a break you’ll be glad you took. 

Plan A Date

When is the last time you dated yourself? If you’ve been in a long-term relationship or marriage, chance are it’s been a while. What you must remember is that you’re uniquely made and constantly evolving and it’s important to continue learning your authentic self. One way to do that is to take yourself out on a date this Valentine’s day. 

Think of something you love doing or have always wanted to do and plan a day to explore these ideas. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try the new Italian restaurant in your neighborhood. Then plan a day to go to lunch or dinner by yourself and enjoy the cuisine. Perhaps you’re a working mom that hasn’t explored the nightlife in years. You might appreciate going to a lounge or dance club. You can get all dressed up, enjoy a decent meal, sip on some drinks, dance, and mingle with others. 

Take A Class

Part of loving yourself is investing in your interests and development. What better way to expand on who you are as a person than to learn something new? This Valentine’s day, you can show yourself some love by taking a class. Think about things you enjoy or want to know more about. You can learn pottery, painting, sculpting, cooking, candle making, dance, money management, and so much more. 

Affirm Yourself

If you don’t do anything else to show love and affection to yourself on Valentine’s day, affirm yourself. The mind is always filled with negativity whether it be your expectations, the expectations of others, comparisons, or generational pressure, it’s easy to start thinking poorly of yourself. Turn that negative energy away by affirming everything that you are and want to be. Wake up this Valentine’s day and say, “I love you”, “I am amazing”, “I am strong”, “I am powerful”, and whatever else you want to manifest about your identity and its worth. 

Giving to others and showing your love on Valentine’s day is amazing. You should find ways to let those closest to you know just how much they mean. However, as you shower others with attention this year, don’t forget to extend that same energy to yourself. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, use suggestions like those above to say, “I love you” to the person that matters most. 


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