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Ways To Step Up Your Beauty This Year

It’s easy to get into a slump at the start of the year. Piling on the pounds at Christmas will only add to the misery and it’s possible that you feel you need a big change. The way that you look affects the way that you feel and if you don’t feel good then your confidence diminishes and that can have a knock on effect. You may stop being as social or stop wearing the clothes you want because you don’t feel good enough in them. So what ways can you really perk your look up this year to start feeling sassy, smart and beautiful and ready to take on the world? 

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What we put on our bodies determines how we behave and feel. If we wear heels, we automatically feel more confident, sophisticated and glamorous. If we wear a pencil skirt, we may feel corporate and ready for a day at the office, whatever we wear will shape our moods too. Start buying clothes that look good on you; and that may not mean sticking to trends! Shock horror but not all trends look good on everyone and many people will try them out just because it is a hot trend of the season. Wear what is good for your body shape and patterns that work well for your height and weight. This will ensure that you are always dressing the right way for you, and play around with colour!

Keep that skin looking good! 

When your skin looks good, you do, just the same as with what you wear. We are not all blessed with amazing skin and most people have blemishes, scarring, acne, redness, but maybe this should be your year to start tackling that to ensure your skin always looks glowing and beautiful. You could look at a chemical peel or some type of facial to ensure your skin looks good. You can change up your moisturizer and to ensure that you are using the right products, ask someone instore to tell you what type of skin you have if you’re not sure. 

Start a positive energy vibe to everyone!

Spreading your love and energy means that it will come back to you threefold. If you put out negative energy to the universe and feel bad, say hurtful things, walk around in a terrible mood, everything will soon quickly fall apart in your day. You may have already noticed; you are grumpy because you miss your morning coffee rushing to work, then you bump into someone on the way into work, you lose something out of your bag, it gets you more stressed, you get to work and there is no coffee left in the office; it becomes a circle of negativity. So by paying people compliments more often and telling people how good they look, it will in turn make you feel good about yourself and spread the positive energy. Giving others compliments can encourage them to do the same to you or to others.

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