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What Are Balustrades? And Why Are They Important to Stairs?

For many years, balustrades have been a mainstay fixture in architecture. It is common to see balustrades in residential buildings as well as commercial buildings such as museums, schools, offices as well as restaurants. While you might not realize it, you have probably come across balustrades before. This article will describe what balustrades are, as well as highlight their importance to stairs. 

What Are Balustrades?

A balustrade refers to a row of columns that is topped by a rail. These columns which are referred to as balusters, provide support for the railing. Balustrades are found in different areas of a building include terraces, balconies, and stairs. However, it is stairs that they are commonly associated with, as they offer a lot of benefits to them. 

Benefits of Balustrades

  • Protection: One of the main purposes of balustrades in the house is to protect humans and pests. Without the strength and structure that balustrades give stairs, they might be shaky and unsafe for use. It gives you support while moving on the flight of stairs. 
  • Aesthetic: Balustrades have great aesthetic value and can completely transform the outlook of your home. There are three major options when it comes to material for balustrades which are glass, stainless steel, and wood. Each of these materials has its appeal and will add elegance to your stairway. The balustrades can also be customized and designed to your taste. You can choose crafted, curved or straight balustrades, depending on what aesthetic you are going for. 
  • Durability: Balustrades are very durable and can last several years if properly maintained. Balustrades are designed with the best materials, giving them strength and sturdiness. This means that your balustrades can stand for years without defects. Another advantage of balustrades is that they are very easy to maintain. Glass and steel balustrades for example only need to be wiped down to keep them in good shape. Wood balustrades, on the other hand, can be polished from time to time to maintain it. Maintaining your balustrades does not require special skills. This ensures that you can do it regularly thereby expanding the lifespan of your balustrades.
  • Value:  Balustrades also increases the value of your home, as it gives it a stylish look that pleases the eye. Having balustrades installed on your stairs also improves safety in the home, giving potential buyers quality assurance. It also helps that balustrades are not expensive to install, thereby giving you good value for your money. 
  •  Building Codes: Safety is a very important consideration when designing a building. There are building codes regulating areas in the home like stairs. Installing a balustrade will help you to meet these building codes, and it assures the safety of your stairway. 


All in all, balustrades add three important things to stairs, which are safety, aesthetic as well as commercial value. Contact a professional for your balustrade installations today, and you can be sure to enjoy this fixture for many years to come.

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