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What Are The Main Causes Of Traffic Accidents? Find Out Here

Vehicle-related accidents, according to statistics, happen 10 times more often than other similar related ones, with airplanes being the most secure way of transportation. Yet, for the purposes of commuting, traveling to other countries for the holiday, or simply returning home from shopping for groceries, the car is our number one choice. If you want to be on the safe side, and make sure to avoid such an accident, inform yourself of the main causes of such accidents and how to prevent them.

Feeling sleepy? 

One of the major factors contributing to the rising number of car-related accidents happening are distracted or exhausted drivers. Driving on itself requires a certain amount of concentration and self-consciousness. However, if the driver is suffering from sleep deprivation or any kind of exhaustion caused by work or exercise, the chances to cause an accident double. One piece of advice is taking the subway or other means of transportation, or caffeinating yourself. 

If you do not remember half the passed road, it is time to pull over and get a quick 10-minute power nap. It is worth mentioning how any form of distraction can affect the driver, not necessarily lack of energy or focus. Most drivers causing accidents were looking at their phones prior to the incident or were occupied by something passing by. The first is even punishable by law, and can cause you serious trouble; therefore, try putting on some wireless earbuds instead, and keep yourself entertained with an audiobook or the radio to prevent any forms of outside distractions. 

Drunk driving 

Unfortunately, despite the commercials and efforts put into spreading awareness against this phenomenon, more and more people hit the road with ethanol in their blood. Alcohol affects our central nervous system, messing with our motor skills and slowing down any sort of reaction. Though many people think they are great drivers, while intoxicated, the alcohol prevents clear thinking and lowers the blood pressure causing fatigue and loss of memory.

 In Georgia alone, 400 people died last year in car-related accidents where one of the parties was highly intoxicated causing the deaths of others. In such cases, you want to be secure and safe, and most people are paying high fees to insurance companies as means of protection. Unfortunately, not all companies are paying, therefore, this Georgia car accident attorney is making sure you will get compensation for the endured trauma, emotional shock, physical injury, and damaged property. Hiring a lawyer is a smart move in such situations, ensuring your protection and potential lawsuits against you, which can happen even though you did not cause the accident. 

All in all, think twice before driving back home after you had a couple of drinks with your friends. For your safety and the safety of others, take a taxi or the bus this time. 

Bad weather conditions 

Specifically, rain and strong winds are known to cause problems on the road. In the case of heavy rains, the road usually gets extremely wet. A slippery road can wreak havoc and often makes the driver lose complete control of the vehicle. Even experienced drivers can find it difficult maneuvering and controlling their vehicle while the tires are screeching on the soaking asphalt. Another factor can be strong wind, which often causes road blockades because of the debris, tree branches, or pieces of the land and rocks. Even avoiding hitting a small obstacle on the road going 80 miles per hour can easily turn your vehicle upside down and start a chain accident, with other cars hitting each other. The same goes for low temperatures, snowstorms, and ice on the road. Next time, look at the weather forecast as it can save your life. 

Reckless and careless driving 

Sometimes, despite the driver being completely sober and without any distractions, his or her adrenaline fuels reckless driving that can easily cause an accident. Reckless drivers are another factor contributing to the rising numbers of incidents happening, as people completely aloof and indifferent to the dangers of speeding and similar stunt-like maneuvers on the road make serious damage. Speed makes the heart pump more blood, the rising adrenaline is causing an inebriating feeling, and yet in the moment of the accident all this stops, and so do the lives of others. No matter how fast your car can go, and how tempting it might be, avoid this kind of driving, think of others.

Hopefully, this modest list of the most common factors will make you more aware of the dangers of driving under certain circumstances. Put your seatbelt on, follow the rules and have a great drive back home. 


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