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What is Digital Asset Management?

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Digital Asset Management (DAM) provides an efficient and effective system for businesses to organize, store and share digital content. By investing in software such as an easy to use DAM tool, you will have access to a digital library containing all the content produced across your business. This includes images, artwork files, video, audio and presentations. A DAM system will enable you to share work with ease as well as keep up to date on the latest versions of assets. It also allows you to give controlled access to assets with clients or contractors.

What is a “digital asset”?

A digital asset refers to any type of digital file such as an image, video, spreadsheet, or presentation. It is most often used by the creative teams in a business such as design, content production and marketing. Therefore Digital Asset Management software has been developed to accommodate a wide spectrum of files. DAM can store files in different formats such as raster images created in Adobe Photoshop and photographers can also store Camera RAW files in the system.

File sharing made easy

Digital Asset Management allows you to keep all of your vital digital content in a secure place. You will have control to organize your assets in a way that makes it easy for your team to access. DAM makes sharing files easy, with an efficient DAM system in place you’ll be able to securely share files, without needing to send them as email attachments. You can easily control who has access to which files at what time and can change permissions to ensure the right people have edit access.

Efficient communication

DAM provides a central communication hub where your team can communicate clearly to keep on top of developments and progress. It can help your business to stay working more efficiently and to deliver content that is consistent and on-brand. An effective search engine will help your team locate the files they need swiftly and with ease. It’s easy to filter files by name, file time, or image to narrow your search. DAM software allows you to preview large files such as images, audio, or videos before downloading to make sure it’s the file you need. With a DAM system in place, you’ll be able to store all your assets in one location but easily share them to a variety of places, such as social media, websites, or with contractors or clients.

Who can benefit from a DAM system?

Any business that is looking to improve their digital asset storage could benefit from a DAM system. It can benefit many different departments within a business, from Marketing, Design, Sales and IT work. If it takes more than a few minutes to locate your current assets, then a DAM system could benefit you. Innovative search tools and easy systems in place to organize assets could save you valuable time. Assets can also be accessed easily using an online system which prevents delays with deadlines and issues with duplicated content. DAM can also send out alerts when assets have been uploaded, updated, or commented on, so it’s easier to keep track of developments and changes. DAM systems are also secure and safe places to store confidential assets, due to secure data centers and constant monitoring.






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