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What It Means To Be Bold In Fashion

All too often, boldness is associated with garishness. How often do we hear about a celebrity being praised for boldness in something that seems designed solely to be weird and attention-catching? That’s what boldness is really all about. Here, let’s take a closer look at what it could and should be about.

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Being happy with you

The fashion world is getting a lot better about acknowledging that women (and men too) deserve to look and feel good no matter their body shape. Not just with plus size fashion, but fashion aimed for taller women, and women of a whole diversity of figures. Nowadays, you can look online and find a huge range of guides that help you define your body shape and find the best way to flatter it. Similarly, I love the guides that look at aspects such as skin tone and eye color, helping you find the palette that makes the natural you pop through your fashion. It’s no longer about covering or dressing up what’s there, it’s about complementing it.

Being free from pressure to conform

There’s a difference between being fashioned and following every trend that’s around. Now, I love a good, cute, chic outfit that happens to fit what’s in season right now. But I also think that sometimes the trends go a little too far in favor of stylism, forgetting to take your own comfort and convenience into account. If you want to go with a minimalist look, don’t let the trendsetters stop you. If your color has been labeled “last season” that doesn’t mean that you should abandon it immediately. Your look is timeless.

Being unafraid to express yourself

What’s even considered an “alt” look, nowadays? Yes, there are still a few traditional stick-in-the-muds who believe that any kind of body fashion, be it body jewellery or tattoos, is some sort of sacrilege. But we’ve all seen enough women rocking nose studs, killing it with tattoos, and finding a tremendous amount of joy in permanent makeup. Boldness is being willing to do what you want and what it takes to achieve the look you have in mind. We still need a little effort in pushing the envelope of acceptance here, so here’s to the women who are truly bold in this regard.

Being comfortable

“Stepping out of your comfort zone” is often associated with being bold. But how often are women expected to do or wear something that’s uncomfortable because it looks good or is expected of them? You don’t need any kind of shoes to be sexy, nor do you need any accessories to be stylish. What matters most of all is that you’re comfortable in your skin and in your clothes. You don’t need an outfit to be engaging, interesting, beautiful, or worthy.

Boldness doesn’t have to mean that you choose only the most colorful and outlandish things to wear. But it can. Boldness is individual. Embrace what the individual in you wants to say through your own fashion.

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