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What To Do Once You Know You’re Pregnant

Finding out you are having a baby is very exciting. This is especially true for those women who are having their first child. Since the next nine months are going to be spent growing a brand new person, there are some very important steps to take to ensure your baby is healthy. These are some things to do once you know you are pregnant.

Cutting Off All Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause a variety of different medical problems. Among those are miscarriage, stillbirth and many different physical and mental disabilities for the baby as well. If you want your baby to have the best chance of being healthy, it is critical to stop drinking alcohol. Stick to mocktails if necessary, but avoid alcohol at all costs.

Stop Smoking

Smoking during pregnancy is also very dangerous to your unborn child. It can cause your baby to be born too early, have a low birth weight and have breathing problems as well. Smoking can also cause a baby to be born with certain birth defects of the nose and mouth. So, stopping smoking as soon as you know you are pregnant is very important.

Have a Gender Blood Test Done

You may want to find out what the gender of your baby as soon as possible. This can be done sooner than you think. A baby gender blood test kit gives you accurate results that are DNA based. You will know your baby’s gender much earlier than if you wait until you have the ultrasound done during the second trimester.

Eating Right

It is also very important to eat the right foods throughout your pregnancy. This includes eating the right amount of foods from each food group and avoiding foods that are high in sugar, salt or fats when possible. You want your baby to eat just as healthy now as he will be eating after he is born.

Getting Regular OBGYN Checkups

To ensure you have a healthy pregnancy, it is necessary to have regular checkups with your OBGYN. These checkups are usually on a monthly basis until the last month of pregnancy when your visits become weekly. During this time you may have several diagnostic tests done to keep a close eye on both your health and the health of your baby.

Saving Money

Even if you have excellent health insurance that covers your doctor appointments, delivery, and hospital stay, you will need extra money after your baby comes home. You’re going to be buying diapers, formula, clothing and a wide array of baby supplies on a regular basis and the cost can add up quickly. Therefore, it is best to purchase or save money for these items before your baby arrives.

Having a baby will completely change your life. Most new parents are amazed at how much love and joy a child brings them. Taking the above-mentioned steps is very important to help keep both you and your baby happy and healthy during pregnancy and to help ensure that your baby has a happy and healthy start in life.

Photo by Dahlak Tarekegn from Pexels

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