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What to do to Maintain Healthy Hair

Your hair is an important part of your life. It brings together your appearance and requires as much attention as any other part of the body. When you have a full, healthy head of hair, you must maintain it. There are some daily habits you can pick up that your hair will thank you for, which is certainly worthwhile. 

Condition Correctly

If you are currently unhappy with your hair health, the likes of Harley Street Hair Clinic can help restore it. This is a massive boost to anyone who is potentially self-conscious about their hair or seeks a hair transplant. Many people condition daily, but that does not mean they are doing so correctly. Unless your hair is ridiculously long, you only need a small drop of conditioner. You only need roughly a coin-sized drop to massage into your hair. Always make sure that you are properly hydrating your scalp. It is also important to leave it in for a full minute before beginning to wash it out.  

Use Key Ingredients 

Your hair will react differently with various ingredients. So, when you’re walking down the aisle of your local supermarket, and there’s an endless amount of hair care products, be sure to look for key ingredients. The strengthening ingredients you should be on the look for are aloe vera, argan oil, coconut oil, and spirulina. Using products containing these ingredients will help strengthen and maintain your hair.  

Balanced Diet 

A balanced diet is important to your health in various ways. Your hair is no exception to this. Your hair is made up massively of protein. This means you need plenty of protein in your diet to help maintain a healthy head of hair. Some examples of protein-filled foods that can benefit your hair are fish, meat, and eggs. 

Foods that have rich amounts of vitamin C and E are also very good for your hair. These include citrus fruits, nuts, and seeds.  

Stress Management

Stress has lots of different negative effects on the body. Your skin is especially negatively affected by stress, so acne is common during tense times in your life. However, the skin in your scalp is also badly impacted by this stress, so keeping calm is beneficial.  

Shower at the Right Temperature 

Many people enjoy getting in a shower and setting the temperature as hot as they can bear. Unfortunately, as nice as this may feel, it is actually bad for your hair. Over time, high temperatures can weaken your hair. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a pleasantly warm shower with a cold rinse at the end. The drop in temperature at the end will seal cuticles and help boost your hair’s shine. 

Silk Pillows 

Your cotton pillows at home could actually be damaging your hair. This is due to the friction between your scalp and the pillow during the night. Swapping out a cotton pillow for a silk one significantly reduces this friction and protects your hair. 

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