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What To Do When Your Relationship Is Losing Its Spark

Relationships take time and commitment to truly work, so once you find your ideal partner it is not simply a case of then being complacent and just assuming that everything will be ok. You need to nurture and put in effort to keep the relationship going. So if you find yourself in a quandary as to whether your current relationship is working well, then here are some suggestions on what you can do to reignite that spark. 

Identify The Problem 

Rather than just give up on your current relationship and initiate a divorce, try to see if you can identify a reason as to why you have slowly drifted apart recently. Is it because you have both been working a lot and not spending much time together, do you have children that take up time in your busy schedule, are you living apart and haven’t seen each other recently or have your priorities changed in terms of what you want to get out of this relationship? Identifying the problem will help you to find a solution together. 

Be Honest and Open 

A relationship that is built on lies is not going to end well, so just be honest and upfront with your partner if there is anything you need to tell them. Have you cheated on them with someone else recently because you felt you were drifting away? It is going to hurt them yes and it won’t be an easy conversation, but it is certainly a lot better than being deceitful. If you are honest to your partner and explain your feelings there could still be a chance to salvage the relationship if that is truly what you both want. 

Go Away Together For a Few Days 

If it is a case of just not spending as much time together as you normally would then perhaps it will be worthwhile to book a few days away to a different location so that you can spend some quality time together. Sometimes just being in a different setting can help you feel more relaxed and it will allow you to spend some quality time together without any distractions.

If you have children then perhaps get a babysitter to look after them so that you can just have some time together with just the two of you. It can be difficult at times to have time together alone when you have a busy work schedule and children to look after. Finding ways to get away will keep the excitement in the relationship going.  

Talk To Each Other 

It may seem obvious but sometimes you just need to sit down and communicate with each other about how you have been feeling and whether you feel something has changed in the relationship or your feelings are different to what they were before. If they are the correct partner for you then you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or anxious about talking to them about any issues. If however you find it difficult to talk to them then you may need to question why and whether perhaps they are the right person for you after all. 

Spend Intimate Time Together 

Intimacy is a big part of your relationship with your partner as it is an opportunity to explore each other and really feel connected. Where else are you going to be naked and intimate with another human being then in the bedroom. If you find you haven’t been intimate with each other recently then why not try to make time for this and create a relaxing and sensual environment. You could wear something that makes you feel sexy, play some music in the background and have a romantic dinner beforehand so that it feels more like a date evening. 

Do a Fun Activity For The Day 

If you have been together for quite some time then perhaps you just need to have a day where you go and do a fun activity that you have not done before. It could be reminiscent of when you were first dating and would meet up. You want to try and reginite that excitement and fun atmosphere that you perhaps first had when you met. Just because you have been together for a long time doesn’t mean that you both can’t make the effort to think of new and interesting ways to spend time together. 

Consider Some Time Apart  

Absence does make the heart grow fonder so if you feel that instead you would benefit from a little time away from each other then perhaps it might be better to spend the week apart to see how you both feel. It might be that it was just a bump in the road and it was living together and stress from work or family commitments that was getting to you as opposed to your partner. 

Or you may have the opposite feeling and come to realize that perhaps you are no longer suited to each other. Only you are going to know how you feel and as long as you communicate this with your partner so that you both know where you stand then you will be able to resolve the problem. 

Overall it should be solely between you and your partner how you decide to tackle your recent lull in the relationship and whether you are both prepared to work through it or whether it is time you parted ways. The main thing is that you communicate with one another.

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