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What To Know When Filing A Property Damage Claim

Property damage may happen from many causes, but statistics indicate that human error is the most common. Due to this, insurance companies recommend that owners get reliable insurance packages for their homes. It is also good news that 85% of homeowners already have insurance. However, what are you required to do when filing a property damage claim? Below is a list of ideas.

Check for a mobile app to jumpstart the claim

Thanks to technology, several insurers have mobile apps to simplify clients’ processes, which may work to your advantage, especially as the app helps to jumpstart the claim process. You can upload photos of the damage on these digital platforms, schedule an appraisal, and even check your deductible. Indeed, it may be pointless to use an app in the heat of the moment, especially when the damage was fire or flood. 

More insurance companies are encouraging their clients to upload these apps immediately after insuring a home. When you do that, the process may be easier to complete in the heat of the moment. According to 2020 statistics, more than 50% of insurers in the US have mobile apps. As part of the measures to increase popularity and convenience, some mobile insurance apps make it possible to contact an agent immediately. Having this in mind helps you cut out the long paper processing.

Get an estimate from an insurance adjuster

The primary reason for working with an insurance adjuster is to ensure that you will be on the same page as your insurer. They are agents who gather the facts and coordinate the appraisal to determine whether your claim is worth paying or not. They will assess the extent of the damage and determine who is at fault. Additionally, they are responsible for calculating the losses incurred. Therefore, getting one before the final submission of your documents lets you know where you stand with your insurer.

Be mindful of the timing of your claim

Does your insurer give a time limit or deadline for when property damage claims can be reported, filed, or submitted? Knowing this in advance can spare you the disappointment and inconveniences of a delayed report. Sometimes, when you miss a critical claim deadline, you risk getting no compensation from the provider. Now, this can be a major disappointment for you. Even worse, it automatically means you are solely responsible for sorting out the cost of repairs.

It is usually advisable to ask relevant questions to avoid missing out on these payments or compensations when you first sign up. It might not be too late if you failed to do so initially. The catch here is to ask questions about timing within 24 hours of the damage. This way, you will have ample time to work on the relevant documents to be filled and submitted within the designated period.

Property damage claims can be expensive, but it is easy to file and expect positive results by understanding what’s expected.

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