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What You Need to Know about Leiebil in Gran Canaria

If you’re going to Gran Canaria or Canary Islands, you may want to hire a car so you can travel from one place to another. The good news is that you’ll be able to go to the Canary Islands, enjoy your vacation, and rely on a private vehicle without spending too much. Learn more about the island on this site here.

The island is called Guagua, and although you’ll find it to be well-connected to various public transport, there’s often a need for you to make lots of stops and waste your time on a bus. If you’re planning to explore the island on your own, getting a car before you book a hotel is essential.

This way, you’ll get around with the popular destinations and make the most out of your vacation. There are local and international agencies on the island. The big brands are generally cheaper, and you can book from their websites before going. There’s a lot of competition among these companies, and it’s pretty standard for the quality to be neglected.

If you’re going into the hotels, know that the rentals and accommodations often work together to get customers. This means that what they recommend isn’t always in your best interests. You can explore your options, compare prices, and see if there are special deals on various websites.

When you’re in the Canary Islands, you might expect a fee of 150 euros, including a comprehensive insurance package, which can cost you 75 euros without this. It’s highly recommended that you think about the best ones for you and see other possible options to choose from.

Where to Rent the Right Vehicle?

Search on various websites and platforms to get a high-quality vehicle that does not compromise the quality. Look for a car in excellent condition and ensure to meet the conditions of the contract. See if they are flexible when it comes to dropping off and picking up. The price should be affordable and the charges reasonable, and if you find this, then there’s nothing stopping you from having a wonderful vacation.

In many cases, after you’ve booked a particular brand or model, the car is not often available when you arrive at the Gran Canaria. You might find the company giving you “compensation” by upgrading you to a vehicle in the higher categories without the extra fees. This is not a bad deal for both parties, and this is why a lot of travelers choose the cheapest and most affordable models because others are more likely to notice them.

Companies Policies and What to Expect

There are some companies that will give you a comprehensive package, and you should follow the terms and conditions if you don’t want to get charged extra. Check out the websites like https://Goautos.No/Leiebil/Gran-Canaria/ if you have questions and need more information on bookings in Gran Canaria. These pieces of information might prove to be helpful for you.

-Some will require you to have the same fuel level on pick-up and drop-off. Others will charge you if you leave the tank empty, or you can drive off the lot with practically no fuel, and you’ll need to find the nearest gas station.

  • Adding a second driver is possible without getting extra charges
  • The newer vehicles only have a few kilometers, as seen on the dashboard
  • Some don’t give limits to mileage
  • Airport offices are open until dawn, and there are no problems even if you have a flight at midnight
  • Car seats are usually free
  • Select the companies with the greatest number of offices so you can return the car or have it delivered 

General Tips to Know About

  1. Book Early in the Year

It’s important to consider that you may encounter a shortage when you decide to take a vacation in Gran Canaria. The Canary Islands are very busy, which can happen all year round. Even if the companies are increasing their fleet, you might be faced with a busy day where there’s nothing available at all.

  1. Go Online for the Best Deals

It’s highly recommended to go online and compare the deals from different companies to get discounted rates. Use sites to help you save up to 20% on your booking, and you might also want to try travel agencies or operators for a more hassle-free experience. Others even offer personalized services so customers will have the best experience possible.

  1. Consider your Flight Time

Always call the company before taking your flight and inform them about the date and time of when you’re going to take your vacation. If there are delays, you also need to contact them as soon as possible to not charge you extra for waiting at the airport.

  1. Mobile Phones and Car Chargers are Ideal for GPS

The cars in Gran Canary are not often equipped with in-built GPS. It’s important to connect this into the vehicle’s lighter to prevent getting lost. If you’re unsure of where you’re going and are not good with the directions, activate the GPS and plug in the phone. Although you wouldn’t have to navigate many roads in the process, getting extra help is very much welcome. The function for maps will generally chew the battery fast enough and you need a charger to keep the phone on. 

  1. Maps

It’s great if you can bring your phone with a data plan so you’ll have the opportunity to connect to the internet when you’re getting lost. With a handy GPS, you can go anywhere and come back safe and sound. However, if you don’t have this feature, you may still want to get a map of the island so you can use something when you’re offline.

The rental company staff may give you a free paper map, especially if you’re going to request it. When traveling alone, it’s better to utilize GPS on your phone for more accuracy.

  1. Understanding the Insurance Terms and Petrol

Many travel agencies that you see being advertised online are reliable. They might have a different policy for renting, insurance, and petrol. However, you may still want to read the fine print, especially if it’s your first-time printing.

About the Road Conditions

Usually, you’ll find that the roads in Gran Canaria are in excellent condition. The inner ones might be small, but they are good. Some have narrow curves, and now and then, you may encounter sharp turns that may go through directly on the slopes. You need to be very careful with the area, even if you consider yourself a very skilled driver.

If you meet other cars, slow down and make adequate spaces. Most of the inhabitants may drive speedily, and you should take care, especially if you’re not well-versed with the roads. 

You’ll find that the island consists of two highways. The GC-1 starts from the north in Las Palmas, and it passes through the airport to the South in Mogan. The GC-2 also leads from Las Palmas, but you’ll end up at Agaete in the west. 

When you want to make the most of your vacation and travel the whole island, make sure to check the GC-200. If you’re one of the more curious tourists, take the long drives and see more of the islands. Make sure to check your insurance and the company policy while you’re on the road to be safer. With this said, you might be ready to take on your first road trip, so pack everything you need and go. 

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