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What you Need to Know About Modern Travel

Travel is changing, much like the rest of the world these days, so what trends do we need to look out for and get on board with to stay relevant and support the planet? Modern travel is less about going abroad, less about timeshares in sunny places, and much more about staycations.  

Staycations are popular

In recent years the terminology around travel, holidays, and vacations has changed. Destination holidays are less popular these days, but staycations are on the rise. There are a few reasons for this, staycations are cheaper and safer, but they are also more environmentally friendly.

A staycation involves traveling within your home country by staying in local hotels and resorts or traveling around in an RV. Staycations not only reduce air travel, but they also stimulate the imagination of families looking to explore their home country, and it’s good for the economy. 

Timeshares are canceled 

In days gone by, timeshares were popular with families. A timeshare is an annual booking at a resort that allows you and your family to live in the same area every year and get to know the same people. Although they were once popular, it seems this holiday style has had its time. 

It makes little sense to maintain a timeshare overseas when so many restrictions on travel exist, and destination travel is also a downwards trend. However, it’s not always easy to exit a timeshare contract you’ve signed, so contact vacation village timeshare cancellation for details.

Air Travel is out 

The world is in the middle of a climate crisis, attempting to prevent a rise in global temperature to 2 degrees by 2050. A 2-degree rise in global temperatures would mean more extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and the extinction of animals – it also causes social issues. 

With that in mind, many people are avoiding air travel where possible. Although it is not realistic to avoid air travel completely, there are ways to reduce your use of it, especially when it comes to recreational holidays. One alternative is to travel by train; another is to take a road trip.  

Sustainability is in 

If air travel is a downwards trend, sustainability is on the way up. Sustainability is a useful contemporary phrase that means aiming towards carbon neutrality – that’s where the carbon output is the same as the carbon soaked up by carbon capture – but it’s also more than that.  

Sustainable travel is also about traveling sustainably when you visit other places; it means practicing ethical travel such as reducing your plastic usage, cleaning up your waste, paying attention to the culture you visit. Look into the culture and costumes of the countries you visit. 

Road trips are back 

Road trips are most often associated with the Beats and Hippies of the 50s, 60s, and 70s; that was when people hit the open road for a life of love and freedom. Things might have calmed down a bit since then, but the idea remains a good one – why not stack your RV and head off?

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