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Where to Buy Materials for DIY Picture Framing Adelaide

Photo by Medhat Ayad from Pexels

A well-designed interior works wonders. It can turn a small room into a visually larger space. From a dimly lit area, it can become a cheerful corner where you will spend pleasant moments. The thing is in the right colors, furniture, and details that should give the whole interior a final touch.

Pieces of wall artwork are precisely those details that give the ‘personality’ to every space. These can be family photos, dear memories, or valuable collectibles – all that represents you and your home (or office). The subjects on the pictures or photos are the main thing. Still, experts from Dimonds picture framing Adelaide workshop explain that what gives each art a special note is a well-matched frame.

Carefully selected picture framing makes your wall decor stand out. Ordering custom frames can often be expensive, but you certainly don’t want to put your memories and valuable or unique things (signed posters, photos, autographs) in some cheap molds. They can only diminish the value and aesthetics of your wall decor.

If you’ve been thinking about engaging in some hobby or DIY project, maybe making picture frames is your thing. Even if you don’t have too much experience with the tool, there are many tutorials that can help you with making these items. It’s a great way to spend quality free time and create something that will be decorative and useful.

Framing Shops

Logically, this is the first place you’ll go because you will find there the widest selection of materials and accessories for making frames. In addition to doing professional framing, most of workshops and galleries located in Adelaide are also engaged in selling framing suppliers for the needs of professional framers, but also DIY-ers.

In these shops, you can find the material you need to make frames from scratch – woods, metal, canvas, plastic, etc. You can also get ready-made molds that you can decorate and rearrange as you want. Framing workshops often offer glass (and other types of covers) and mattings (back parts) that can be cut to your dimensions.

Framing shops and galleries are places where you will find other necessary small items, such as wall hangers, screws, moldings, and other assembly hardware. You can also get these at your local hardware or department store.

Check Timber Suppliers

If you’re into woodworking, making frames will be a piece of cake for you. Since you are already experienced in working with wood, which most DIY-ers choose for frames, you also know where you can get affordable and suitable timber. You don’t need a lot of wood to make picture frames, but you can always buy a few extra strips or boards if you want to practice frame making. 

The place you should visit is the local timber supplier. If you live in a big city like Adelaide, all you have to do is go to Google, and a web search will pop up the names of nearby suppliers. Or you can simply ask someone who is a woodworking professional to recommend their suppliers to you.

Most timber suppliers specialize in selling construction grade timber. There, you will mostly find cheaper wood material like pine. If you find these hard to handle (hardwood is generally known as difficult to work wood), you can try plywood. But if you’re interested in making frames of quality timbers, check this page to see which they are.

There are also lumber suppliers who sell better quality timber, just for those who deal with woodworking or any other craft that includes wood use. In these stores and warehouses, you can find some ‘exotic’ types of wood, suitable for decorating and making unusual models of picture framings. These can be cherry, maple, walnut, and many other types of wood from all around the world.

Materials for DIY Project with Kids

Making picture frames can be an excellent hobby for kids to make their tiny hands busy. But, instead of hand saw and wood, you can give them materials that are easier to process and suitable for their age. These can be different types of cardboard, glue, fabric, and various accessories like pearls, glitter, strings, etc.

You can find most of these decorative things at your local department store or any shop that sells passementerie. And for a wider choice of cardboard, which will be the primary material for making frames, check dealers of packaging supplies.

Online Shopping

You are probably aware of the many good sides of online shopping. On the Internet, you can find the largest and most diverse offer of framing supplies. Most reputable framing workshops in Adelaide also have their online sales, so in just a few clicks, you can order what you want.

Other right places to buy supplies are general e-commerce websites, where you can find affordable things. Since some can come overseas, you should be careful when ordering due to shipping costs. You can also look for framing supplies (or tips on where to buy it) on specialized forums or social network pages.

Go Outside

For DIY-ers, nature is often the best ‘supplier’. There you can find both the material and the finishing details; it is only crucial that you know where to look. If you go to the beach, there you can find many decorative seashells, pebbles, and driftwood. In the local park, you can collect fallen twigs, acorns, nutshells, and many other things. All these can be a great add-on to your DIY frame and a perfect personalized gift for someone you love.

As driftwood is a pretty versatile material, visit the source below for more ideas on how to use it: 

With a little time, essential tools, and some creativity, you can dedicate yourself to a DIY project of making frames according to your idea. Often, you won’t need expensive materials or power tools. Even from some cheaper supplies, you can create small works of art that fully reflect your style. You can make picture frames from various types of materials. Your imagination and skill with the hand tools will play the most significant role in that.


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