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Which Are The Best Crafts For Beginners?

If you are keen to get into crafts, and you’re not quite sure where to begin, that is a situation that a lot of people find themselves in quite often. The truth is that it’s relatively easy to get into crafting, and all you’ll generally need to do is to find the ideal first craft that you can try. With there being so many out there that you can try your hand at, you should certainly not feel that there is a shortage of crafts for beginners to look into.

In this post, we are going to discuss which crafts might be the best for beginners. All of these are worth considering, and if there are any that take your fancy in particular, then why not try them out? They might prove to be your next favorite hobby, and will at least provide you with plenty of entertainment and a chance to unwind and relax.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk


This is a wildly popular craft, and one that you can use to make a lot of really cute items for yourself or other people. So if you want to start out with a craft that is both useful and beautiful, you could do much worse than crochet. In crochet, you use a crochet hook as a means of interlocking hoops of thread, yarn or wool. From there, you can make whatever you like, but most people like to create their own clothing from it.

It can take a while to figure out the basics, but it’s the kind of craft that is fun to learn, so you should be enjoying it from the outset. And you might be surprised at how soon you are going to be making your own amazing-looking items as well. All in all, crochet is pretty much the perfect beginner’s craft.


Although at the more advanced end, woodworking can be quite a challenge to do, the beginner end of the wedge is really quite simple and easy to get into. It’s all about starting off with a project that you think you could handle. You might decide to make a box to store a few small items, for instance, or go for that classic of early woodworking, the spice rack. These are things that anyone can make with only a few tools and some basic instruction.

In a sense, it’s never been easier to find that instruction. You can go online and look at some YouTube videos, or you can read books on woodworking which will outline exactly how you need to do whatever you are aiming for. Again, your skills will develop over time and you’ll find that you are ultimately able to make more and more complex things.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

This is also the kind of craft that effectively teaches you the value of using materials wisely and economically because you’ll soon see just how pricey wood can be. You, therefore, want to make good use of it and to ensure that it is treated right. That is a good thing to learn more generally, and it applies to a lot of other crafts listed here too.


It’s a classic of the crafting world, and it’s still one of the most popular around: knitting has been in existence in some form or other for centuries, and it is something that you can always fall back on if you are looking for something relatively easy to do with your hands to keep them busy. It’s often known as the perfect accompaniment to watching television, and that’s especially true once you get good enough at it that you are able to do it without even really looking at your hands. All in all, it’s something that you are going to find out to be a useful skill that you can then use to make all sorts of comfy, warm items of clothing and more.

To start out in knitting is simple and cost-effective, too. You just need to grab a couple of balls of wool or yarn and some knitting needles, and then sit down to learn how the basic process works. This is a very simple procedure, and one that you are going to find a joy to learn, so that is definitely worth thinking about. It’s also something that you can put a lot of your own creativity into easily enough and quickly, so that you can soon make all the kinds of things that you want to make.

Photo by Eva Bronzini

But it all starts with that humble roll of wool and a couple of needles. Soon enough, you will be making a huge array of amazing things for yourself and all your friends. Let’s hope people like receiving scarves as Christmas presents in 2023!


Another really popular craft that is really good for beginners is macrame. This has seen a particular rise in popularity in the past few years and over about the last decade or so. It’s also widely popular throughout the world. It is probably quite so popular in part because it’s relatively easy to learn, and because it’s the kind of thing that you can find joy in from the very first moment of doing it. It can also be genuinely useful in terms of the everyday items that you can make out of it.

So how can you get into macrame? A really solid first step would be to look at this guide on How To Macrame: An Easy-To-Follow Beginner’s Guide. This will give you all of the essentials that you need to know about what macrame is, how to get into it, what the basic techniques are, how to source materials, the basic knots and patterns to master, and it will even guide you through your very first project.

By the end of that, you’ll probably be keen for more. And that good news is, this is a craft that is pretty inexpensive to get into, so you will probably find that you are making more and more amazing macrame items soon enough.

Photo by Anete Lusina


Although we have looked at woodworking already, in truth whittling is a little different, and it is generally thought of as its own craft altogether. If you are someone who is keen to make useful items such as tools with your own hands, then whittling can be a fantastic way to do that. It’s a hobby that will sustain you for a long time and which you can use to make many amazing items and one where you can see your skills develop at a fair pace as long as you are happy to work on it.

Fortunately, it’s quite joyous work most of the time. First of all, you will need to get yourself a decent whittling knife. This needs to be sharp, small, and safe. Then you need to gather some wood, and ideally, it should be green wood which is a little easier to carve – there are however projects for harder, dried wood as well to consider. Then it’s a case of deciding on what you want to make, and getting whittling.

You might be amazed at just what you can create this way, and it’s something that goes hand in hand with lots of other crafts really well too. It’s definitely a great craft to consider if you are a keen beginner who wants to make something amazing.

Those are just some of the best crafts that you might want to try out as a beginner. Any of them could serve you well.

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