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Why Board Games Are Still So Popular

Why we are comfortably settling into the 21st century, it seems that while technology may be taking over a lot of things, the world of board games is finding a ground once more and becoming stronger than it ever has been.

Today, we are going to look at some of the best selling board games of all time, and then we are going to try and figure out why they have managed to stay relevant for so many years. It is wonderful to think that even in a time where technology rules, the one thing it cannot replace is possibly the most simple thing of them all.

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Why Technology Cannot Replace Everything

It seems that no matter where you turn nowadays, technology is trying its hardest to replace as many things as it can. It seems though that as time has gone on, there are certain things that technology has tried to replicate and take over, but it has failed miserably.

One of those things is, of course, board games. Board games have been a part of family life and fun for so many years now, and it seems no matter how much time goes on, they still remain as popular as ever. 

Board games have stayed relevant due to one simple fact; they are one thing that creates an atmosphere that just cannot be duplicated by technology. Many companies have tried with Monopoly, Scrabble, and even risk, and while the sales were ok, they got nowhere near the popularity of the board games that are still selling in their droves today.

How Popular Are Board Games Today

When we look at the figures, it seems that the table of the top board games is still the same as it has been for some years. The top five selling board games are:

  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Monopoly 
  • Scrabble
  • And Cluedo

What may come as a shock is that while the world is in a frenzy about the glory of E-sports, there are still millions of competitions taking place each year for all of the top five board games and more.

Why Technology Is Helping Board Games

While we have established that technology can in no way replace board games, on its journey to try, it has certainly done a lot to boost the popularity. Many companies have developed tools to help hardcore gamers, such as Jumble. Jumble is great for scrabble players to learn combinations of letter presentations quickly.

Chess players all over the world have now been able to gain access to plays that were thought to be lost to time, and they are also using complex algorithms to create brand new ones along the way.


In the past five years, we have seen yet another climb in the popularity of board games. So, next time you have the family round, and there are youngsters asking if you have a Nintendo Switch, why not reach for Monopoly and introduce a whole new generation to the joy of board games.

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