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Why Buying Handmade Products is Better

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

With the purchases that you make, you make a direct decision as to what systems and whom you support. There is something incredibly special about handmade products, and with the mass amounts of uniform products that are produced by large corporations, the competition is high and the intentions vary. Buying handmade products may come at a higher price than what you can find on the high street, but it is so, so worth it. 

Here are a few reasons why buying handmade products is better:

Support Artisans and Small Businesses

Artisans and small businesses that create and sell handmade products need support to continue with their offerings, and sales can make a big difference in their successes. A company that is helping to bridge that gap is Mirta, a start-up that puts artisans in direct contact with customers, making it easier to purchase handmade products and for small businesses to market and sell their products. It’s a great spot to look for quality Italian bags and support local artisans. 

It Means High-Quality

Handmade products are created and made with quality in mind, not just the dollar that can be earned from a sale. There is time, pride and effort that go into each handmade product and the maker understands the value beyond the piece beyond the price tag. 

It Keeps Traditions Alive

The know-how for many handmade products is unique and requires a commitment to learning traditional making skills. A skilled artisan base keeps traditions alive and can continue the cultural identity surrounding many traditional products. When the traditions are kept alive and the skills are passed to the next generation, the art and skill behind the craft is kept alive! 

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

It is More Sustainable

The mass production of goods by large corporations as well as ‘fast fashion’ may mean a lower cost for customers, but there are hidden charges and hidden costs that you just don’t see. Between the environment, labor conditions, the cost on the country that materials come from, and more, there is a major difference between the marketed cost and the real cost. Handmade products are more sustainable because they don’t require large factories to make them, and the miles traveled between producer and consumer are often minimal.

Unique, One of a Kind Products

Handmade products are unique and one of a kind, with craftsmanship that goes into each item. There is nothing like purchasing an item where authenticity is guaranteed, and it makes gifting an item that is personalized to a receiver even more special! 

The Products are Worth More

With so few of the same in the world and how long they will last you, handmade products are worth more in the long run. As many people also consider ‘authenticity’ to be a factor that raises the value of a product, the authenticity of handmade products also contributes to greater value. 

Purchasing handmade products can make you feel good about your purchases, since these products have so much added value to them. An intentional purchase that is good for your conscience is a purchase really worth making.

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