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Why Dermal Fillers Are a Great Solution to Wrinkles

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Dermal fillers and an excellent option for anyone wanting to enhance the appearance of their skin regardless of their age or lifestyle. Dermal fillers not smooth your wrinkles and boost your confidence; they provide results and stimulate the growth of new collagen at the same time. This article has more information on dermal fillers and why they are the best option for you.   

Collagen Production 

One of the main reasons our skin starts to sag and become wrinkly as we age is because of the loss of collagen and elastin. As we age, our cells divide, which leads to collagen loss, but the rate of collagen loss also depends on our lifestyle choices; unhealthy eating can also reduce elastin.

The good news is that dermal fillers can help to increase levels of collagen in the face at the same time enhancing the skin’s appearance. Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is known to increase collagen production. Ensure your dermal fillers contain this component.    

Instant Results 

Okay, well, not exactly instant results, it’s not as if you can walk out of the clinic without any aftercare, but in comparison to other skin treatment options, the results from dermal fillers are pretty fast. Although you can see the results right away, they take around two weeks to settle. 

Dermal fillers create more elasticity in your skin, improving its appearance and smoothing down wrinkles. After the treatment, you can see the instant results, but you still have to pay close attention to the makeup you put on and the soap you use to wash your face for a few weeks.    

Minimal Risks 

Some skin treatments come with certain risks; laser treatment, for instance, can cause bleeding, infection, and pain, and botox needs to be used carefully and moderately for best results. When it comes to dermal fillers, the risks are fairly low; there is only minimal redness and swelling. 

The only risk you might need to look out for is facial asymmetry, which can occur if your dermal filler practitioner is not experienced or qualified. Always check the credentials of the practitioner before you buy a treatment to alleviate any worries and eliminate all of the asymmetry risks. 

Confidence Boosting 

The reason people choose dermal fillers is that they want to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence. As we age, we start to notice subtle changes that affect the way we look and feel; this happens even when we look after our skin throughout the years, unfortunately. 

Still, there are always treatments available to enhance our natural beauty and give us a confidence boost. This is exactly what dermal fillers can do; while they can’t bring back your youthful skin, they can effectively smooth out your wrinkles and improve the overall elasticity.    

Lasting Results 

There’s more good news; dermal fillers are long-lasting. A single treatment can last for two years depending on the type of filler used, the aftercare, and the sort of lifestyle you have. This means that dermal fillers are an effective way to boost your confidence daily without much effort. 


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