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Why Firm Mattresses Like Nectar May Be Best for You

There are certain aspects that one must have in mind before settling on a mattress with their preferred firmness option. Your body weight, shape and sleeping position are among them. To sleep better, understanding your sleep needs and preferences is crucial.

Most individuals have challenges with picking the right firmness feel to accommodate their sleep needs.

So, when is it ideal to sleep on a firm surface?

  • Your Sleeping Position

The sleeping position you take at night determines the most suitable mattress firmness rating for you. People sleep on any of the following postures, (I’ve indicated their essential support needs);

  • Back – Lower back and spinal support.
  • Side – Neck, shoulders and hip support for proper spinal alignment.
  • Stomach – Hip support.
  • Or in all the above – That means you’ll sleep in all three throughout the night.

Each sleeper has their own needs regarding support and comfort, which will dictate the firmness option you chose. However, your body shape and weight also have a hand in the firmness feel.

Side, back and stomach sleepers who weigh at least more than 200-230 pounds will love a medium-firm to firm sleeping surface like the Nectar mattress. Back sleepers who weigh 130 pounds will also love a firmer surface.

  • Back or Spinal Injury

Having a back or spinal injury can be a big challenge especially during sleep. It’s not just those two, neck, shoulder or hip pain among others can all cause significant discomfort when you’re trying to catch some rest. The distress, in turn, affects the quality of your sleep leading to even bigger health problems.

A good mattress should be able to offer pressure relief and alleviate the pain. For persons with lower back pain or spinal injury, a firm mattress that contours to the body curves, creating equal weight distribution is the best alternative. It’s because it relieves the pressure of these regions.

It’s important, however, to note that for best results, the bedding must not be too firm as it could hurt you even more. I recommend a firmness rating of 5.0 to 7.0. Sleeping on a surface with the right firm option can also help speed up the healing process.

  • Affordability

Affordability is a crucial aspect when it comes to bed shopping. Well, you sleep almost a third of your life, the best you can do is invest on that mattress. Although buying a good quality mattress is a significant investment, there are some quality brands on the market today.

If you’re on a budget, the best and affordable mattresses to go for have a firm feel. Soft beds are quite costly, followed by the medium-firm bedding.

  • To Sleep Cool

Soft mattresses tend to sink in when you’re sleeping, and they create a hug feel which will retain a lot of the heat generated by the body. Hot temperatures while sleeping isn’t ideal, as it compromises the quality of sleep that you receive.

Firm mattresses, because they don’t retain much heat, sleep cooler. If you tend to get hot at night, consider going for a bed with a firm feel. Note, however, that there are soft beds designed with advanced technology and will sleep very cool.

  • Durability

One of the things I love about firm beds is the durability that comes with them. While doing mattress reviews, I’ve come to note that majority of the firm mattresses outlast the soft categories.

Take an example of nectar which is firmer compared to most springs. The spring, after using for some time, starts to sag, losing the much-needed support. In the process, it also begins to develop depressions on the soft sleeping surface. This causes great discomfort affecting the quality of sleep.

Nectar Sleep is a firm mattress that will serve you for up to 10 years or more before the sagging starts. It’s the same case for most of the firm brands. Therefore, if you’re searching for durability consider firm bedding.

There are varied reasons as to why one can opt to sleep on a firm, medium-firm or soft mattress. It depends on our sleeping needs and preferences. For heavy individuals, back sleepers or those with back or spinal injuries, firm mattresses are best to sleep on. Plus, they are quite affordable when compared to the soft varieties.;tid=1;dt=6;

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