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Why Gardening is Good for the Environment

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

It may be a hobby for some, but it’s a world-saving option for the money. Gardening is something that can really make a difference to your home, it can up the value, it can make your house look pretty. But did you know it’s also amazing for the environment?

In a world where climate change is making a big difference across the planet and changing the way our landscapes look, we need to be as vigilant as possible as to what we can do to save the environment step-by-step. Some people opt for soil treatment solutions to keep the gardens lush, whereas others just want to make sure they are tending to the gardens and holding back the weeds. Below, we have all the reasons why gardening is great for the environment around you.

  • The community. When you plant your own garden, it can make you wonder why your small garden will make a big difference. In honesty, your tiny garden probably won’t make the biggest difference. What will make the difference is you guys doing your gardens as a community. If every single person in your neighborhood starts gardening and tending to their gardens properly, you’re going to be able to have that collective effort that puts back into the environment. Did you know that personal gardens can compose over 25% of the trees in a non-forest environment? That’s a huge difference.
  • Designed to sustain itself. Without the input and the interaction of humans, the earth is designed to sustain itself which is called organic gardening. Everywhere you go in the world you can see the result of a natural landscape full of bugs, bees, flowers and plant life. Earth didn’t make fertilizers or pesticides or slug repellents; it enriches its own environment. Your garden is going to thrive with something as simple as a compost pile and become its own organic space.
  • Global warming. We know the topic of global warming is in the movies all the time and it sounds terrifying, but it should. The way we are treating the planet right now, we can see the results in hurricanes, forest fires, flash loading and unusual weather systems. The more we batter the planet the more the planet will batter us back. If you tend to your garden outside, you will effectively help the collective effort to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of the planet. This needs a concerted effort, to be able to make a difference to global warming in the future.
  • Preserving wildlife. The global population is growing, and it can be very easy to forget about the natural environment that we are impacting. The more we cultivate our gardens the more we tend to the wildlife and make sure that they are happy too. We can do better as a collective when it comes to gardening, and it’s going to be amazing for the environment when we do.


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