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Why is Boating Great For Family Travel?

Have your family trips got a little samey? If you’re considering switching things up, why not try boating? It’s fun, something that all of the family can enjoy and might be something you’re yet to try together. Here’s why is makes such a great option for family travel.

There are lots of kinds of boats

The term ‘boating’ is incredibly diverse. A boating holiday could be anything from a canal boat to an ocean cruise. You could sail a yacht in the sea or a barge boat on a river. For this reason, there’s something to suit just about everyone. Whether you want something super rustic and inexpensive, or something luxurious you have plenty of options when it comes to boating.

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You can go boating in incredible destinations

If you travel to a destination with a boating vacation in mind, you might visit places in the world you might have previously overlooked. Alternatively, it could allow you to enjoy a favourite place in the world you have in an entirely different way. It could be a city that’s next to the ocean- from boat rental Miami in Florida to Melbourne in Australia or even Dubai in the Arab Emirates. It could be an island destination such as Hawaii or Jamaica that’s surrounded with water for plenty of boating opportunities. You’re not even limited if you want to visit an inland destination, river and canal cruises are a good way to go, or you could look into boating on any large lakes. You could even hire a boat in the country that you live in, and go boating as an alternative to camping. You’d hire the boat and bring all of your own supplies, many are even pet friendly so you can bring your dog!

It’s something a little different

When you have kids, you want to have as many experiences as possible with them when they’re little. Boating is something you might not have thought of and are yet to do, so could be a great one to consider for your next trip. It can feel very adventurous and thrilling being out on a boat, so is something most kids will enjoy. Boating could give you the opportunity to see different types of scenery, plants and animals all of which you can teach children about in a fun way. One thing that can worry parents is the safety, but boating, for the most part, is extremely safe. Vessels like barges and canal boats only travel a few miles an hour, as long as they’re wearing life jackets (and are briefed about boat safety) you’ll be fine if you keep an eye on them. In the case of things like cruise ships, these generally make great family holidays as they’re considered very safe.

Have you ever considered a boating holiday as a good family trip? What kind of boat would you be most likely to go for, and where in the world would you want to go?

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