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Why It’s So Important To Be Close With Your Teenage Daughter

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When your child enters their teenage years, it can often feel as though they’re slipping away. They have other interests and hobbies that no longer revolve around you – and that can be hard for you to handle. As a result, you let them do their own thing and take a more hands-off approach to parenting. You don’t want to intrude, after all. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the best thing you can do – especially if you have a teenage daughter. It’s really important that you are as close to your teenagers as possible, so they feel like they can trust you. This doesn’t mean you’re overly strict and controlling their life – they still have the same teenage freedoms – but you play a more active role in their teenage years and do things that encourage you to be close. 

Why is this so important? 

Teenage girls struggle with a lot of mental health issues

All teenagers have common problems that they face all the time. This is a period in their lives when they are trying to discover themselves and develop into young adults. However, teenage girls will typically have more issues. Let’s face it, society has always been hard on young women and girls. It creates a world where girls are growing up and maturing, surrounded by ideas and things that influence the way they think or see themselves. It’s extremely easy for teenage girls to think they don’t look pretty or that they should act a certain way because society dictates it. 

Consequently, they can fall into serious pits of depression and anxiety. As a parent, you won’t know anything about their struggles if you’re not close to them. You should always ask them how they are and make an effort to connect with them. It can shine a light on any mental health issues, meaning you can find ways to help them. 

And there are ways to help teenage girls with mental health problems. Taking them to a therapist or enrolling them in places like the Eva Carlston Academy can get them professional help to work through their issues and come out the other side. If you’re not close with your teenage daughter, all of this can be missed until it’s sadly too late. 

Teenage girls need a helping hand & some guidance

It is far easier to grow up as a teenage boy than a teenage girl. It just is. Biologically speaking, girls go through much more drastic changes. It often feels as though they’re forced to grow up at a much younger age. 

As their mother, it’s your responsibility to guide them through this process. They need help – they need answers! Being close to them enables you to answer any questions and give them advice on what to do and how to deal with things like periods and puberty. It can make their life so much easier as everything feels more normal and they’ve got someone close who can empathize and tell them what to do. 

So, try your best to retain a close connection with your teenage daughter as she grows up. Go out for coffee together, and go shopping – do whatever you can to really form a close bond. It will benefit them massively in the long run. 

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