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Why Sliding Doors Could Be The Perfect Choice For Your Back Yard

Photo by julie aagaard from Pexels

Sliding doors provide a beautiful entrance to the rear of a house. Whether it’s leading onto a garden, patio or courtyard, sliding doors can make the room appear more spacious. They can allow more natural light in and bring you closer to your outdoor space whilst providing a high level of thermal insulation and durability. Here we will explore further why sliding doors could be exactly what your house and back yard are missing.

More space and light

As sliding doors are purely window panels, they are the best option for rooms that may be lacking natural light. The window panels on these doors also make the room appear larger so they can open up small rooms or can create a sense of more space in good sized rooms. 

If you are fortunate to see the sunrise or sunset from the back of your house, sliding doors will create stunning views. Another thing to note is sliding doors are not restricted to the rear of your house. If you have a side entrance to your home, sliding doors could work for that entrance just as well.

In terms of saving space, sliding doors are a smart option. As these types of doors do not open on hinges, they don’t need the clearance around the door that traditional doors require. In this way, they can save a lot of space. Most sliding doors will consist of two large glass panels with one sliding on a track and the other fixed in place. For a more expansive look and feel, there’s also the option to add a third window panel. Of course, this would require additional wall space.

High energy efficiency 

A prime factor of sliding glass doors is that they let the sunshine in on sunny days. As well as bringing more light into the room, this also warms up the house during winter months. It’s a common misconception that glass doors do not offer the same level of home insulation that steel doors do. However, sliding doors are installed to your exact dimensions and specifications, which eliminates any potential cracks that could let cold air enter your home.

Choosing Low-E glass will keep heat out in the summer and keep heat in during the winter. Aside from this, the protecting properties of the doors support keeping the temperature of your home consistent. Therefore, sliding glass doors can offer the same top insulation and climate control as traditional entry doors, helping you to save on your heating and cooling bills.

Easy to maintain 

Sliding doors are an easy maintenance choice for your back door. Since they are basically giant windows, they are extremely easy to clean and maintain. The glass panels only require a mild cleaner and the tracks are anti-rust. The tracks are also self-lubricating so they will continue to slide smoothly and quietly.

In regards to the frames of the panels, you can choose different materials. However, it’s worth noting that the choice of material can affect the functionality and how easy it is to clean and maintain. Typical materials such as wood may look visually appealing and luxurious but they will require higher maintenance and deeper cleaning. In fact, daily cleaning would be required to avoid color fading, rotting and cracking during the seasons.

Vinyl frames are without a doubt the easiest material to clean and maintain as the color won’t fade away and the material won’t peel or decay. Vinyl frames come in various colors and textures. You can choose from bold, bright and neutral shades to match your decor and create a stylish appearance.

Connection to your outdoor space

Thin frame profiles and advanced runners offering smoother opening are popular material choices. This is because they enable a closer connection with your backyard or patio, creating a fluid transition between your living space and your outdoor space. If the back of your house opens up to a beautiful garden or patio, you can maximize the window size and the views by installing thinner frames.

Sliding doors can make a great addition to just about any home. They can generate a modern look and feel to your house whilst creating a light, spacious and visually pleasing living space.

By hiring a reputable and professional window and door installation company, you can transform your home with high-quality sliding doors that will look vibrant and stylish, and will maintain excellent condition for a long time.

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