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Why Menstrual Cups Are Awesome


I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be so excited about a silicone cup used to catch the contents of my shedding uterus. I’m talking about menstrual cups, y’all. I started using menstrual cups three years ago (checks Amazon orders for verification) and I wish I had known about them growing up, because they’re all kinds of awesome. I’m partnering with Blossom Cup, makers of FDA approved and pretty menstrual cups, to share why these little things are a fantastic key to a happy period.

Additional coverage

Unlike feminine pads or disposable tampons that require frequent changing, the menstrual cup allows you to experience up to 12 hours of coverage. Say goodbye to having to bring extra pads or tampons with you while out or having to worry about rushing to a “safe place” or home to change.


Unlike disposable feminine pads and tampons, a menstrual cup is made of health grade silicone that allows it to be cleaned and sterilized after each use. This reduces the amount of unnecessary landfill waste leaching into our environment each year. According to the book Flow: the Cultural History of Menstruation, in her lifetime the average woman can lead to the disposal of nearly 62,415 pounds of feminine products. The menstrual cup eliminates that number, helping us reduce our footprint on the earth.


Each year, the average woman spends several hundred dollars on feminine pads, tampons, and panty-liners. A menstrual cup generally retails for $20-25 dollars and lasts an entire year. You do the math; you’ll be astounded at how much money you’d be saving if you ditched the disposables and made the switch to a menstrual cup.


Low-Income & Impoverished Women

Being that the menstrual cup is a huge money-saver, giving low income and impoverished women access to menstrual cups can end their struggle to afford feminine hygiene products. Many women and girls have little to nothing to wear during their time of the month. Many low-income women have to make one feminine pad last an entire day and girls in impoverished countries are forced to miss several days of school to avoid embarrassment. If you are in the giving spirit, I recommend donating several menstrual cups to shelters and overseas organizations. Menstrual cup brands like Blossom Cup are dedicated to giving back to those in need. A portion of their proceeds are currently going to those affected by the Syrian/Palestinian crisis.

Health Benefits

Menstrual cups  eliminate health concerns such as TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). They free of chemical and dyes, two of the leading causes for TSS. Along with blood, tampons absorb all vaginal fluid which may disturb vaginal pH balance. The menstrual cup helps balance out your natural pH and bacteria balance. Some women also report having less cramping after switching to a menstrual cup.

Combats Leaks & Odor

Feminine pads and tampons have the nasty tendency to leak and smell, depending on your unique flow and activity level during your period. Tampons leak especially when they shift and become saturated. With proper insertion, the menstrual cup will form a suction within your body that helps capture more liquid while blocking the potential for leaks, also keeping odor at bay. Since a menstrual cup acts as a reservoir, it saves blood from mixing and mingling with sweat on the outside of the lady bits, allowing it to breathe.

Dependability before and after childbirth

Since things tend to stretch out during childbirth, it’s normal to experience less protection from tampons after the birth. The menstrual cup comes in two different sizes; pre-birth and after birth, so you can feel secure during your period whether you’ve given birth or not since each size is specifically geared to two completely different phases of your life.

So ladies, have you tried menstrual cups? Are they life-savers or nah?

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Monday 16th of May 2016

Thanks, Sheena! We just ordered 3 of these bad boys based on your recommendation. The girls and I will test 'em out and see.

Sheena Tatum

Tuesday 17th of May 2016

Yaaasss! High five, mama! Love that you are sharing these with the girls!


Monday 14th of December 2015

I'm not sure how different these are from the Instead, but I have been using that for years. It also give you 12 hours of protection and is a silicone cup, also more round than what you are showing. I am going to look these up though and probably give them a try.

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