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Sashay Yarn Ruffle Scarf + Wine Bottle Vase



I don’t know how to knit or crochet, but I sure did try to do whatever it is that yielded a mini ruffle scarf. Sashay Yarn made it somewhat easy. Let me explain… Red Heart sent me a care package with a few skeins of Sashay as well as some knitting needles and crochet hooks. They challenged me complete a fun project using the yarn. A popular choice was a ruffle scarf so that’s what I attempted, only I took a wrong turn and somehow lost my work trying to end the scarf. All I had left was a ruffly puff and a family emergency to tend to (all’s well now), so I improvised.


Sashay ($4.67 per skein at Walmart) is a unique yarn with a touch of metallic that creates beautiful ruffle lovelies with just one ball. The yarn is like a fishnet, making it easy to create amazing pieces with little effort. Using a crochet hook, I attempted a longer ruffle scarf using a no crochet method (see video below). I attached a soothie pacifier to the end of my crochet hook (clever huh?), but I accidentally let most of my work unravel as I was trying to loop my stitches around the first stitch… if that makes sense. There was no way I was starting over, so I took a piece of regular yarn and tied it around a separate crochet hook. I then, threaded the yarn through my Sashay stitches. I made a knot with the regular yarn to create a ruffly puff and then tied it around a wine bottle. This made for a nice way to display flowers on our night stand. Not too bad, eh?

sashay ruffle

No Crochet Sashay Tutorial

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