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We Wish You A Merry Everything

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Dear Sophistipeeps,

I hope you all are enjoying this special time with your families and friends. I wanted to pop in amidst my sporadic holiday content to wish you all a very Merry Everything and to thank you all for your continued support. This year has been fantastic, my best to date, and y’all (readers, site partners, and my tribe) have a little something to do with that.

Sophistishe has afforded our family opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise. It has carried us through the roughest of times and has also allowed us to help make a difference in the lives of others. For that, we thank you.

This year, we created a new tradition. We visited the tree farm and cut down our very first live Christmas tree. I decided to name her “Beulah”. Fans of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will get the reference. *snicker* Last year, I was adamant about donating of our pre-lit tree and many of our decorations to free up some storage space in our little abode. I also wanted us to experience the magic of what many families in Christmas movie classics experience; the joy of choosing a real tree just for us. So from now on, we’ll be cutting down and naming trees for years to come. Maybe one day, we’ll grow our own.

For the first time in six years, we’ll be spending a quiet Christmas at home and we will visit with family over the weekend. We’re looking forward to PJ’s all day!

I would say, “See you in 2016!”, but I still have a few things to share before then. If I go ghost sometime in January, I’ve finally found a spot to pencil in some rest. I hope y’all do the same.

Merry Everything!

The Tatums

Edited to add since I’ve been getting questions…
My Top: c/o Forever21 | My Boots: UrbanOG | Akilah’s Hat: custom by emmifaye | Boys’ Vests: c/o Walmart


Monday 28th of December 2015

Wishing you and yours the very best of everything!! Keep up the good blogging... so I can continue to live vicariously through you. Lol.


Saturday 26th of December 2015

You better make some time to go ghost. You're the hardest working woman I know and mama needs a break. Merry Christmas!

Samantha Sophia

Friday 25th of December 2015


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