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Boo! Yogurt Sushi Sandwich Roll-ups

Yogurt Sushi Sandwich Roll-ups

I’ve been talking about after school snacks lately and with Halloween in the air, I want to share this simple and festive sweet treat for your little ghouls and goblins. The sweet thing about this snack hack is that it’s made using ingredients that we always have on hand and I’m sure most of you do as well. It’s also an exciting way to enjoy snack time and celebrate Halloween without overindulging in sugary sweets and high fructose corn syrup.

This snack can be served anytime and the topping possibilities are endless. You can use any of your favorite fruits, nuts, sprinkles and yogurts. Today, I’m using orange flavored yogurt, chia seeds, and black, white, and orange sprinkles to have a little fun this Halloween. This treat takes less than ten minutes to assemble and makes a fun family activity to do on Halloween eve to go with those delicious baked pumpkin seeds.



1 (6 oz.) orange flavored yogurt
1 banana, thinly sliced
3 slices of white bread, edges removed
Chia seeds
Halloween holiday sprinkles


First, remove the edges from the bread slices using a knife or the old-fashioned way with your hands. Hey, whatever tickles your fancy.

Using a rolling pin, flatten out the bread.

Next, slice the banana into super-thin slices. Spread about a teaspoonful of yogurt on to each of the flattened bread slices.

Lay down your banana slices; six or so should do the trick. I’ve found that any more than that may cause a messy spillover.

Sprinkle chia seeds and sprinkles on top and roll bread into a ‘sushi’ roll.

Slice roll-ups into quarters and serve!



I hope you enjoyed this festive snack hack. If you decide to make these Yogurt Sushi Sandwich Roll-ups in your own kitchen, feel free to leave a comment, or tag me at #Sophistishe on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK!

Are you making any special treats this Halloween? Share in the comments below!

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Sheena Tatum (founder)

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  • jennifer
    2 years ago

    what a fun idea for halloween, and i love that you worked in yogurt and chia seeds. i’ve been on a yogurt and chia seed kick lately! thanks for the recipe!

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  • Kendall Rayburn
    2 years ago

    What a fun and cute idea! So clever, too!

    View Comment
  • CourtneyLynne
    2 years ago

    Omg these roll ups sound absolutely delicious!!! I must give them a try!!!

    View Comment
  • ricci
    2 years ago

    These look like a yummy desert that’s not too bad for you!! And easy too, I love easy!! LOL!!

    View Comment
  • Terri Beavers
    2 years ago

    I want to make some of those pumpkins, so stinkin cute. I’ve got to try these roll ups at my party.

    View Comment
  • Emma Spellman
    2 years ago

    I swear my kids are so picky, but if I add sprinkles they will eat it. Lol. Sprinkles are pretty magical like that and this look super fun to make.

    View Comment
  • Jeanine
    2 years ago

    What a really fun, and creative idea. They look super tasty, and oh so super cute! My kids would really enjoy these!

    View Comment
  • rika
    2 years ago

    These look so cute! I am sure my kids would love these for their lunch or snack time!

    View Comment
  • Rebecca Swenor
    2 years ago

    The yogurt sushi sandwiches would make for a great after school snack and so would the mini candied apples. I love the idea of using the duct tape on the pumpkins. These are all really awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing the decor and the recipes.

    View Comment
  • Liz Mays
    2 years ago

    Now these would be super fun to make. I like the delicious sushi ingredients! I love clever twists on recipes like this.

    View Comment
  • Paula Schuck
    2 years ago

    That is such a cute idea! I can’t wait to try this. My kids are going to love it.

    View Comment
  • Anita Anderson
    2 years ago

    I love the glow in the dark garland. My fave is the pumpkin duck tape, so cute.

    View Comment
  • This looks like a fun afternoon snack! Kiddos will definitely enjoy it :)

    View Comment
  • Sarah
    2 years ago

    Looks like a great treat to have. Love the idea of making sushi sandwich roll ups but with yogurt too!

    View Comment
  • Vera Sweeney
    2 years ago

    These are such cute sandwiches!! I know that my kids would love these for a lunch or a snack, love the sprinkles in them.

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  • Jeanette
    2 years ago

    Oh my gosh does that look SO cute! I need to make this for my kiddo! He would love it! So much fun here.

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