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You Don’t Have To Spend Big To Add Style To Your Home

Feel like certain parts of the home are feeling a little underwhelming, a little bare, or like you’re not showing enough personality? Go look at the usual online advice for home improvement projects and you’re likely to start seeing advice on major renovations that are way outside your budget. However, it doesn’t have to be anything major. Here are a few little ways to give your home some personality on a budget.

Make it personal

An easy way to really put your stamp on a room is to show off what’s truly important to you. A DIY photo gallery wall can incorporate scenes of family, friends, and experiences you’ve had throughout your life, providing a literal snapshot look at what matters most to you. You don’t necessarily have to put it up on the wall, either. A few well-spaced photos on a shelf can create a sense of importance about what you’re displaying. Adding a photo gallery to your home will add a heart-warming sense of belonging every time you see them, perfect for dispelling any feeling of coldness.

Add some color to your walls

A little art can go a long way. Art is simple, opening up an entirely new scene or visual on the wall, with all the depth of something more 3D and tangible, while saving space at the same time. You don’t have to go hunting for Monet originals, either, you can grab a Hobby Lobby coupon online to much the same effect. Try to choose art that complements either the color scheme or the vibe of your room’s furniture. A French Renaissance scene might not fit well with a more contemporary space, for instance.

Incorporate what you love

Do you have a hobby of your own? A passion, whether it be music, movies, books, or something else? Perhaps that could be something to incorporate, too. For instance, if you love movies, having a few framed posters on the wall of your absolute favorites could be quite the statement. You might have seen some of the excellent album art galleries that people have made online, as well. Meanwhile, if you love reading, nothing fills up wall space and adds character to a room quite like a full bookshelf.

Set the scene with a vignette

Are you aiming for a particular style or theme with your home? For instance, you could be going for a French classical look, or something more colorful and poppy. One way to really sell the “vibe” of a room is to find various objects or ornaments that fit that vibe, and to put them together as a vignette. A vignette, for those unaware, is simply a curated display of objects that are supposed to tell a story, hence the name. They can be made up of just about anything, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take more than a little change or two to transform a space and to give it the sense of life that it needs. We hope the tips above helped show that.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

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