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Why You and Your Family Should Live Organically (And Ways to Get Started)

Living an organic lifestyle is something that everyone should really consider working towards. A non-toxic, chemical-free way of life can improve a person’s health by leaps and bounds. It’s also a positive way to support the environment. Unfortunately, however, not a lot of people are aware of the dangers that everyday products pose.

There’s not an area of life in which humans aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals, toxins, and bacteria. This constant exposure over time causes an individual’s health to decline and ruins the very environments you live in. From the genetically modified compounds used to make food to the preservatives and harsh chemicals in the clothes you wear, these contaminants reduce your quality of life.

You may not be able to control transportation emissions or ban the use of genetically modified ingredients by yourself, but minimizing your exposure can make a big difference. Becoming consciously aware of how harmful these products are to mankind is essential to living a full, happy, and healthier lifestyle.

Starting Your Organic Lifestyle

When most people think of organic, it is common to think about the foods you eat. Though that is a portion of it, living organically involves more than just consuming whole foods. It is a big transition and, in most cases, it’s not something that will happen overnight.

An organic lifestyle means learning how to live in a manner that will improve your health while also saving the environment. In finding balance in these two goals, your life is essentially enhanced. To get there, however, it is ideal that you start small. Here are some tips on how to start living more organically.

Switch to Whole Foods

Ever notice the rise in health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and even cancer in people of all ages? A lot of that has to do with the processed and modified foods. There are too many chemicals, preservatives, and additives found in the foods consumed today to sustain a healthy living.

You can take a big stride in living more organically by switching to all-natural, whole foods. Eliminating canned, boxed, and other ready-made package foods from your diet reduce the consumption of harmful chemicals dramatically. You can start with all fresh fruits and vegetables and then graduate to other staples like organic meats, eggs, and other food products. Read the labels to ensure there’s nothing in the food but ingredients you can recognize (that are good for you too).

Swap Out Cleaning Products

Another method in which chemicals are consumed on a regular basis is through the cleaning products used around the house. If you’d like to live a more organic lifestyle, a simple solution would be to start purchasing cleaning products made from all-natural ingredients. There are lots of brands making these available. However, if you have the time and patience, you can also create your own cleaning products to save money, improve your health, and preserve the environment.

Get New Mattresses

It’s recommended that you spend about eight hours in your bed every night. That’s eight hours that your skin and body are exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins. You’re allowing toxic materials to seep into your skin and wreak havoc on the rest of your system. An organic mattress such as those found at, is a better way to go. Made from all-natural ingredients it is believed that organic mattresses can help your body through the healing and rejuvenation process it goes through as you rest.

Toiletries and Cosmetics

Your skin is the largest organ on the body and one of the easiest ways to come in contact with toxins and chemicals. This is only made worse by the types of things you use on the body. From the lotions and moisturizers, you rub on to the foundation and skin care products you use there is a lot of unhealthy, toxic, products on the market.

Make the switch for yourself and your family by switching to all-natural products. For example, you might use coconut oil for lotion and hairdressing. You can also shop for organic and all-natural products in stores. Simply make sure that you read the ingredients label to ensure that nothing is going into your bodies that you don’t recognize as healthy and safe.

When you start to realize just how many items in and around your home that you use on a regular basis that is harmful to your health and the environment, it can be overwhelming. Making the switch to live more organically is recommended, but can take some time to master. Start small by switching up the foods you eat and work your way up to better mattresses, clothing, cosmetics, and more. It won’t be long before you start to see a difference in how you feel.

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