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Your Guide To Creating An Organic Bedroom Decor

Sleeping in an organic-looking bedroom can do wonders for your mood and mental health. The atmosphere we sleep in can have a huge impact on the quality of our sleep, yet many people sleep in a room that is totally unfit for purpose. We fill our bedrooms with electronics and other unhealthy things that can keep us up all night long and disrupt our circadian rhythms, and then wonder why we don’t feel refreshed, healthy, and happy when we wake up in the morning. Here, we’ll give you an idea of how you can begin to create a more organic bedroom decor to help you feel fresh and awake each morning. Take a look:

Incorporate Plants 

Start by incorporating plants into your bedroom. Not just any old plants, but live plants that are non-toxic. Snake plants are particularly fantastic in the bedroom, as they purify the air! They are really easy to look after too, so great for any newbie plant owners out there who might worry about killing plants before they’ve really had a chance to do their jobs.

Invest In A Humidifier

A humidifier is a good idea if you get particularly dry skin and airways as it helps to keep the atmosphere in your room moist and comfortable. Not only that, but they can also come with nightlight options and you could even put essential oils in them to make your room smell great and add to that relaxing vibe (just check the instructions first).

Keep Candles Away  

Having candles in your room isn’t a good idea. You should never fall asleep with a lit candle, as this is how accidents happen. If you want your room to smell great, use essential oils instead. They are far more natural and have relaxing properties. If you must have a candle, never light it when you’re tired and make sure it’s made from non-toxic materials like soy wax. 

Buy Some New Furniture To Match The Vibe 

So, you’re going through all of this trouble to make your room look and feel more organic, but what about your furniture? Perhaps you could incorporate some super natural textiles and pieces, like wood grain and other natural fibers. Just check delivery during COVID-19 to make sure there aren’t any issues – many places are still taking orders as normal, though, so you shouldn’t need to worry.

Pick Light Blocking Curtains

Blocking out the light from outside will ensure you can get a solid night’s sleep without being rudely awakened before you are supposed to be – unless you like to sleep and rise with the moon and sun, that is!

Don’t Forget Your Smart Alarm Clock

A smart alarm clock can help you to get more in sync with your circadian rhythms by waking you up gently with a light that mimics the sun rising. It can also play the radio for you if you believe that would be a gentler wake-up call than your alarm tone.

How will you create a more organic feel in your room? 

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