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People will form the first impression of your home even before stepping inside – the place’s curb appeal will set the tone. That’s why enhancing the external charms of your home should be the first idea to pop up in your head when thinking about renovating your living space. Whether you’re aiming to dazzle your guests or impress potential homebuyers, improving your house’s curb appeal is very important.

That’s especially true if you live in Asheville, North Carolina, which has been growing at a steady rate of 1.2% from 2002. In other words, Asheville is a tough market to crack for homebuyers, and enhancing the external charms of your house is the only way to turn it into a sought-after piece of local property.

Let’s explore some major ways to transform your home’s exterior for as much ROI as possible now.

Boosting Your Home’s Curb Appeal

  1. Replace Cracked Windows

Damaged windows aren’t just an eyesore; they are also a threat to the stability of your house’s delicate internal environment. Cracked windows cause air leaks, making your entire HVAC system less effective. They let excessive sunlight in, and your home becomes less energy efficient.

Energy efficiency is critical to maintaining your home’s curb appeal and market relevancy. After all, house prices are up by 11% as compared to autumn 2022 in Asheville. So, start looking for professionals to replace your old-fashioned windows.

Search for a capable Asheville Window Replacement company near me online. Compare different window replacement services in your area. Read their Google reviews, check out their past word, and get a quote from them. 

  1. Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can transform the oldest building in the neighborhood into a fresh-looking piece of property up for grabs and highly contested by bidders. No wonder some home décor gurus and home renovation experts believe that repainting your house promises over 100% ROI. Now, it might sound like an exaggeration, but rest assured, there’s some truth behind it.

  • Just recoloring your front door with a welcoming hue will make your residence more appealing to any potential buyers.
  • Some stains and cracks in your front door require replacing it completely. However, you can cover them instead by painting over them before putting the place up for sale.
  • You don’t want moisture to ruin your house’s exterior. Repainting will add a layer of protection over it, preventing moisture and weather-related issues from degrading your home’s looks.
  1. Powerwash Your Driveway

Don’t forget about cleaning your patio and driveway; that’s a crucial part of boosting your living space’s external façade, which many homeowners forget. The concrete walkways in your yard can gather a lot of dust with time, especially when they’re not cleaned regularly. A duty driveway gives the whole house a dingy appearance. So, it’s time you use water with high pressure to get rid of these nasty stains.

Give your driveway a good rub and scrub. Watch out for those difficult grease stains. Eradicate the weeds grown in between cracks. A simple way to make your driveway contribute to the house’s overall look. 

  1. Maintain A Charming Lawn

A well-maintained law is the soul of your home’s curb appeal. If you wish to increase your property’s value by 10%, then a well-kept lawn is what you need. So, here’s how it’s done:

  • Manicure your lawn by mowing it properly and define the borders of your lawn by edging along driveways, creating a well-refined and polished look.
  • Give your lawn a tidy appearance by picking up stuff like leaves, debris, and dead plants from it. Also, plant seasonal plants on your lawn to impress casual onlookers and potential homebuyers alike.
  1. Take Care Of Your Roof 

Remember that homebuyers will look for any maintenance issues they have to deal with later. So, it’s better if you take great care of your roof and make sure there aren’t any missing or damaged shingles up there. Clean the gutters thoroughly, especially if they’re clogged with twigs, leaves, and debris. You can use a vacuum hose or handheld blower to keep your gutters more presentable.

You can embark on this project by yourself. However, it’s always smarter (and just slightly costlier) if you hire professional roofers to inspect the conditions of your shingles and give all gutters a proper, thorough cleansing.

  1. Cater To Doorstep Décor

Don’t disregard the crucial doorstep décor if you wish to make your house as welcoming as possible. A new welcome mat or some potted plants will do the trick. But it’s a lot better to be a little creative, such as installing a fun little door knocker or hanging a mezuzah if appropriate. Here are some other creative ideas to decorate your front door and turn the dial on “curb appeal” to 100.

  • Install window boxes with colorful flowers
  • Consider an overhead structure like a pergola or awning
  • Give your house numbers a modern font or unique design
  • Go with seasonal décor to get the best response out of people
  1. Brighten Up Your Outdoors

Nothing makes your house look more appealing than outdoor lighting. You can try different creative yet cost-effective ideas to illuminate the outdoors, making your house stand out in the neighborhood. Here are some benefits of brightening the house’s external features:

  • You can deter crime and make your house safer
  • Create a cozy, comfy ambiance in the yard at night
  • Allow guests and buyers to admire your home after sunset
  • Recoup about 50% of the amount you’ll invest in this project 
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In a nutshell, we’ve discussed multiple ways to upgrade your house’s external façade to impress future homebuyers. Different landscaping hacks, recoloring tactics, and subtle architectural details are enough to create an inviting façade that beckons with elegance. Declutter the interiors of your house, powerwash your driveway, and replace your cracked, drafty windows with more energy-efficient alternatives.

These simple tips will turn your humble Asheville home into the envy of the whole neighborhood.

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