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Essential Items That Every Parent Must Have For The Safety Of Their Babies

The safety of the baby is a number one priority for any parent. Here are some essential items that every parent must own to ensure the safety of their baby.

Where the Baby Sleeps

Another essential item that every parent must have to ensure the safety of their babies is a baby cot. These can fit into a corner of the room if new parents haven’t had the time or the space to create a new room for the newborn. This is crucial to prevent or to reduce the risk of SUDI (sudden unexpected death in infancy) because the baby will sleep in a safe place – the cot, and it will be in the same room with the parents for the first year of their life. 

Prenatal Safety

The prenatal period can be a stressful time for many parents, and even though mothers feel that the baby is the safest in the womb, there are still some tools that can help ensure safety, or at least manage it. This is usually performed in the doctor’s office by the use of an ultrasound and other tools to check the baby’s heartbeat. Even though this is still an option, a prenatal listening device can do all of that work from the comfort of the home. These devices can track the baby’s heartbeat and record it because modern software allows this. In addition to this, these listening devices easily connect to smartphones, laptops, and PCs.

Safety Guards

According to some surveys, children no older than five end up in emergency rooms every five minutes as a result of stair-related injuries. Most new parents aren’t aware of all the dangers around their home, which is why this survey has done a good job of stressing how important it is to safeguard an apartment before the baby comes. Installing a safety guard at the top of the stairs is a simple way to avoid the baby from becoming part of that terrifying statistics. Safety guards usually come in two designs: a wall-fixed safeguard and a pressure-mounted fitting guard. The first one is generally safer but requires some drilling to fix it into its place. Safety guards are a number one priority if there are any stairs in the apartment.

Baby Proofing Gear

Safety guards are only a small fraction of all the baby-proofing gear. It’s generally advised to install babyproofing gear as soon as possible, but it should be safe to install after the baby has reached 4 months. Aside from the gates at the top and the bottom of all stairs in the house, other essential baby proofing gear includes cabinet and drawer latches. These can prevent the baby from getting their hand stuck by a cabinet or a drawer. In addition to this, outlet covers, furniture anchors, and fireplace bumpers are also a necessary part of babyproofing gear. Another type of gear that isn’t necessary as all the aforementioned ones, but that is nice to have is the toilet lock and the corner guards for low tables.

Be sure to consider these items to consider the safety of your baby, either after it’s born or even while it’s still in the womb.

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