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Basic Things You Need To Have Before The Baby Arrives

The big day is getting close and you need to focus on getting everything ready for the arrival of the new baby. Here is a quick list of things you will need to get before the baby arrives.


Yes, you will need diapers and lots of them. Only buy one or two packs of diapers for newborns and many babies are bigger and they grow fast. The next size up is usually the one you will need to stock up on. Different brands also fit differently, so you might want to try a few brands to see which ones work better for your baby.

Car Seat

Get a rear-facing car seat for the ride home from the hospital. Your baby will be spending every single car ride in the seat so make sure to get a safety-tested one that is suitable for newborns. Install the car seat before the big day on the rear seat of your car. Check the instructions of both the car seat as well as your vehicle operator manual to make sure it is perfectly installed for maximum safety. Some vehicles have special attachment points for car seats so check that your seat is compatible with your vehicle.


Buy a stroller that meets the latest safety standards. Some strollers have a removable car seat that might be handy if the baby is sleeping. You don’t need to buy the largest one with all the bells and whistles. Often smaller and lighter baby equipment will be easier to manage and they will be more practical to use. You will be loading it in the car and going up two or three steps when moving around. Keep this in mind.

Try folding and unfolding the stroller before buying one. Folding a stroller should be possible with one hand. Make sure it folds small enough to easily fit in your car boot. You will be doing this a lot and it should be easy to do. A lighter-weight stroller also helps to get around a lot.

Baby Carrier

These are useful if you want to move around and get some tasks done around the house. Going for a walk is also great for you and your baby. Make sure to get one rated for newborns. Read the instructions carefully. Most carriers for newborns will be carrying your baby on your chest. Also, check if the carrier needs an insert for newborns. 

Changing Pad

You don’t necessarily need a full changing station if you have a changing pad. You can change a newborn baby on a changing pad. Never leave the baby alone though. A changing pad is also great to take along when visiting friends. Not everyone’s homes will have a perfect place to change a baby. You can even place it on a bed for a quick nappy change.


Get a nice soft wide-brimmed hat for the sun. Your baby should be kept out of the sun, but a hat is still essential. Even with the stroller canopy, it is a good idea to have your baby wear a hat when going for a walk. Also when going for a walk with your newborn in the baby carrier it is a must-have.

Diaper Bag

Getting a great bag to carry all the essentials when leaving the house is essential. My suggestion is to get more than one of all items you will both need in the house as well as when going out. You don’t want to be searching for bum cream or a pacifier when leaving. Rather have the bag packed at all times and have duplicate items in your home. 

The best bags to use as nappy bags are not nappy bags at all. I suggest a comfortable messenger bag or backpack. Size it correctly for your needs. Nappy bags are just bags and there are a lot more comfortable bags available for everyday use. I preferred a comfortable smallish daypack that could fit all my essentials as well as the baby essentials. You will want to have your hands free so a backpack makes sense. My bag also had an iPad and camera. I could read and catch up on emails when the baby was sleeping and get some photos when he was awake.

The above is not an extensive list, but it covers the essentials. Remember: You want to make it easy on yourself and rather than having your focus on the equipment it should be on the baby. Ease of use and having your hands free are two main points to remember when shopping for baby gear.

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