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Fun Road Trip Adventures to Embark on in 2020

Photo by Deva Darshan from Pexels

The adventure never stops, and even better, you discover amazing places every new dawn. Road trips provide the best opportunities for all kinds of nature lovers. From sandy beaches to mountainous tropics, plain grasslands to creators, and all sorts of nature for your awaited experience. Take a trip with me as we explore some of the best destinations to drive yourself in 2020.

Baja Peninsula

If you are looking forward to putting your car or motorcycle to the test, then you are on the right path to a fantastic experience along the Baja Peninsula. Taking a road trip to the Peninsula is surprising since there are a couple of places you can treat your eyes along the way. The infrastructure in Mexico is fantastic, so you won’t have to worry about poor main roads. You’ll experience changing landscapes along with long drives weaving through small towns. You can also some for some beach time in Cabo and between Loreto and Mulege along with one of the many deserts and national parks. 

Route 66

Route 66 is a trip very distinct from the rest. A classic American dream, you can drive the entire route from Chicago to California. It is a long route, and much of the course was abandoned when the highway system was put in place. However, there are parts of the way that were turned to scenic byways in Missouri, Illinois, Arizona, and New Mexico. Take a trip along this iconic highway in a van for some extra nostalgia!

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is a beautiful stretch in Italy that runs from Sorrento to Ravello. During this drive, you get to experience the world’s most stunning sea cliffs. You might even like a star while driving along the coast because these sea cliffs have been used in so many movies and so many famous figures have visited! Some gorgeous towns and lookouts are just something from fairy tales, buongiorno Italia! 

Bavaria Germany

If you are looking for breathtaking mountain sceneries, the Bavarian alps will do just that for you! Munich is the best place to begin your trip via the Alps and view Germany’s most iconic sites and small towns along your way. Travel through Germany’s highest peaks and you’ll find castles and palaces throughout. Other places include the Garmish-partenkirken Olympic town and the picturesque landscape hiking site. 

The Great Ocean Road Australia

Road trips are meant to be done in surprising places, and Australia is just the fit! The Great Ocean Road is considered the most scenic road trip in Australia, it’s called great for a reason! The route drives along jungles, sea cliffs, and amazing beaches. Some of the top surfing beaches are located along this route.

It’s time to escape from your busy work schedules and save some time and energy for something new. Get your best friends and hit the road in your quest to explore some of these destinations. Your dream road trip awaits!

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