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Fun Ways To Vamp Up Your Home This Week

Now that the summer is in full swing many of us are looking forward to spending more time with our families and hosting parties both in and outside the house. As a result, now is a time of year where you might want to make some simple changes to your home and its design to make it look tidy, fresh, and fun for your family and your guests. 

Today we are going to run through a few of the fun ways that you can change your home and spruce it up for the summer, with jobs that won’t take too long to achieve. Sometimes you want simple fixes for your home and we have some great ideas for you today. 

Re-Turf The Lawns 

The first thing you could do for your garden this summer is consider re-turfing your lawn with fresh real or artificial turf. Finding an artificial turf company in your area might steer you towards fake grass as it is easier to maintain and you will no longer need a lawnmower for any of your grass! Gaining a fresh and stunning lawn will only take a day and it will refresh your garden instantly and bring new life to it. 

Try a Fresh Coat of Paint 

One easy job you can do within an afternoon is apply a fresh coat of paint to the rooms of your house. Whether you want a new colour altogether or you are simply hoping for a fresh white – this is a simple DIY and one which will always be beneficial to your house. Take some time out of your day this week to refresh your walls and this will instantly lift your home and spruce it up. 

Hang Some New Shelves 

Looking for some extra storage or a space to display your plants and candles? Hang a few new shelves! Floating shelves are a popular feature in every home, and they can be used for both practical and aesthetic reasons for the home. For example, a couple of hanging shelves in the living room can be ideal for housing herb plants or spices. Whereas in the lounge, you may want to decorate your shelf with a few candles, ornaments, or plants to lift the design of the room. You can find shelves in many sizes and designs to suit your tastes and this is a DIY that can be done in less than an hour. 

Repaint Your Mirror Frame 

If you feel that the wooden frame of your mirror is a little dated and dull, don’t go ahead and spend a fortune on a new mirror just yet. You can repaint your mirror a bright and bold colour such as yellow, red, or blue – or keep things simple and sleek with a copper or silver effect paint. Paint will only cost a small amount of money and it will be a fraction of what you would pay for a brand new mirror. 

Hang An Art Collage 

There are so many stunning art pieces out there, and sometimes you simply can’t choose one or two that you love more than the others. One way to make a change to your living room wall as well as enjoy lots of colour and vibrance is to hang an art collage on your wall. Making gallery walls in the home can be a good way to add personality to the home as well as bring some much-needed colour to a blank space. But how do you create a gallery wall? The easiest thing to do is look online on sites such as FY for inspiration, and you can also cut pieces of paper and arrange them on the wall to get an idea of what frames you want to buy and what kind of art you want. A gallery wall can be anything from 3 pieces to 30 pieces – it all depends on the space you have in the home and the look you are going for. Have fun choosing unique and beautiful 

Rearrange The Furniture 

If you don’t have the budget to decorate your home right now, but you still want to make it look fresh and clean – one simple way to do this is to rearrange the items of your house. Now is the time for you to move items around your rooms to make some space as well as bring some life back into a stale space. This is a great way to quickly spruce up the room within minutes. 

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