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How Can Your Whole Family Embrace A Greener Lifestyle?

Photo by Streetwindy on Unsplash

It’s becoming a greener world – or at least, that’s what most Americans are aiming for. A recent study by Southern Cross University showed that 77% of people want to learn how to live more sustainably. The effects of global warming, ocean pollution and deforestation have made their presence felt in recent years, and people are finally waking up to the powerful role they can play in restoring beauty and purity to the Earth. If you and your family are keen on leading more sustainable lifestyles, what are a few ways that you can do so without losing out on your enjoyment of life?

Living Wilfully

Many people get stuck into bad habits – such as buying single-use plastics – without realizing how easy it can be to make a change. Currently, plastics are devastating our oceans and marine life. Every single day, around eight million pieces of plastic find their way into our oceans, and plastic bags are killing over one million marine and bird species per year. Adults are the leaders when it comes to purchasing. It is important to crunch numbers and calculate how much you are spending on items such as bottled water. Installing a filtering system can deliver the pure water you need and significantly reduce your family’s reliance on plastic.

Taking It Outside

Nature author Richard Louv, who argues that most children these days are experiencing ‘nature deficit disorder’ because they don’t spend enough time outside, are unlikely to really value the planet unless they start enjoying it outdoors. Whether gardening, exercising in the park or swimming in the sea appeal to you, try to encourage children to appreciate the beauty of nature. Memories built around seashells, shimmering sands, and lush mossy forest floors will stay in your children’s memories and give them reason to fight for the continued existence of their favorite natural spots and creatures.

Recycle And Upcycle

Children are far more likely to be less wasteful if they see their parents using items for as long as they are usable and functional. Making sustainable choices involves everything from buying recycled paper to using both sides of A4 paper when you are printing a document. Take part in fun fashion projects with your children, embellishing outfits with upcycled beads, buttons and gems. Look for creative ways to recycle materials like metal. Scrap metal recycling takes advantage of things you may not have dreamed have value – including old pots and pans, cans and aluminium or copper radiators. You can get kids more excited by donating any money you make from selling scrap metal or recycling glass bottles to their favorite ecological cause.

Saving Energy

On average, opting for solar energy can save you over $1,100 per year on your electricity bills. If you have a house and the budget for the initial investment, you can certainly make significant savings in the long run. However, even if you live in an apartment, you can opt to purchase your electricity from green companies relying on aeolic and solar energy. This can reduce your carbon footprint significantly and reduce your bill (though the amount saved will depend on how much electricity you consume).

There are countless ways you can go greener as a family, so taking it one step at a time is the way to go. Taking thoughtful decisions, stepping outside to enjoy nature, and taking time to recycle and upcycle are just a few ideas. So is relying on green energy or even setting up your own solar energy system at home.

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