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Make Your Garden Beautiful This Summer

Do you own a property or have you recently bought one? New properties often have bland showroom gardens that might sell the home but it isn’t exactly a style you want for the long term. If you want to redesign your home with a new feature this summer then read on. In this post we list some of the most common and not-so-well-known garden features that can make your home more beautiful. 


Every garden needs some area where you can sit out on a gentle evening or invite friends over for cocktails and canapes. Usually, this is that patio area out the back, but not every property has one. 

If yours doesn’t, it’s time to start looking for a landscape gardener to show you some options. A good landscape gardener will have a range of popular patio options to choose from so you’re sure to pick one that is in vogue. 


If you prefer a more natural-looking patio area then consider decking instead. Although decking is cheaper than stone and may not be the done thing in your area, those can be advantages as well. 

If your property is the only one in the area with decking it makes it stand out and shows you have your own personality when it comes to interior decoration. A professional landscape gardener will give you the lowdown on what’s on offer. 

Raised beds  

Do you have green fingers? Do you like to prune the rose bushes in the summer or love the smell of wood-burning in the fall? If so, you might like some raised beds in your garden. These can be both pretty and practical. 

Raised beds are made using planks of wood joined together in either a square or a triangle shape. They are filled with soil and allow you to plant vegetables or flowers in a place free from pests. Your landscape gardener will help you decide which is best. 

A path 

No garden is complete without a garden path. A garden without a path is the same as a front room without a television or a bathroom without a shower. Sure it could happen but there would definitely be something missing  

There are many path types to choose from when it comes to building a garden path in your property. You can have stone, paving, shingles, gravel. There are other options too, each with their pros and cons. Talk to your landscape gardener for advice. 

A water feature 

Water features are not all that common in gardens meaning you can stand out if you put one in yours. There are all different kinds of water features from small fountains or large ponds, to an inground pool. What you choose will depend on your tastes and aims. 

Some of the reasons people include a water feature in their garden is to provide some tranquility in the warmer months when you can sit outside and listen to the trickling water. A garden pond also saps the heat from the air. 

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