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Mijo Style: Cookie’s Kids Boys Fashion Looks

Back to School season is here and it’s time to send the kiddos back in style! For me, Back to School clothes shopping is a cinch since I shop a variety of sales and discount department stores like Cookie’s Kids. I turn to Cookie’s when I want to stock up on great pieces for the boys. Their clothes are always fresh, mature, and on trend. The offer school uniforms, too! I can always count on Cookie’s to provide quality garments at affordable prices. I love their name brand sets. I can usually get some really nice ones for $16 or less. I also like making outfits with separates and basics as well.

The boys were able to preview some of Cookie’s latest styles. With $130 (plus coupon code and cashback from Shop at Home), I was able to create a serious haul. I purchased a combination of sets, separates, accessories and shoes. While Jayden is the only one attending school this year, I had fun shopping for Jax as well.


I got a kick out of this first outfit combination because it looks straight out of Jersey Shore! I couldn’t help but laugh when I got them all dressed. I totally didn’t plan these Vinny and Ronnie inspired get-ups!


The Bay Area Sunset T-Shirt is such a great buy at $6.99 and the Branches Skinny Pants at $9.99. They have a variety of city sunsets and colors in skinnies so I will try to grab them in other varieties. We paired our finds with a Quiksilver Snapback & Levi’s Sneakers that we already had. Love this unique look on our big first-grader.



This outfit was very budget-friendly. The French Toast Basic Tank Top was only $2.99, the LR Belted Cargo Shorts were $5.99, and the Phat Farm “Prism 2” Hi-Tops were $9.99. The NY Yankees Snapback was $9.99. I consider the hat a splurge since it’s not essential but cute and can be paired with another outfit. 😉



Now to show off some separates. I found a cute travel inspired Get Lost tank by Sean John for $9.99. We paired it with the same pants and shoes from Jayden’s previous outfit. Jaxon was just hanging out in a random outfit (deets on the shirt).


I grabbed another top by Sean John; a nice chambray and cream henley. Love henley’s and chambray so I spent a little more for it at $12.99.


And now for some sets. Loooove them. I try not to be the cheesy mom who buys identical sibling outfits all.of.the.time, but every once and a while I do. I simply couldn’t pass up these Coogi Griffin sets at $16.99. I mean look at how Back to School fresh they look? Jayden’s wearing some Walmart sneaks – see how you can mix and match? And Jax is wearing some black Chuck’s (Jayden’s hand me downs!).


This Nautica Little Fleet Tender set was such a bargain at… wait for it… $9.99… for Nautica, people! There goes the NY snapback again! I don’t know why Jax found this outfit to be particularly tasty. Maybe it was the bright and refreshing lime – he never eats his clothes!



And last, a fun and playful outfit fit for a little boy… or girl! I always say that if we ever have a girl, she will sho ’nuff be wearing the boys’ hand me downs. I’ll just accessorize her hair a bit to complement her outfits. Waste not want not! Anyway, this Superman set was only $7.99. The quality is great and the fabric is thicker than I thought it would be. I just wanted to mention that because some character clothing can be a little flimsy. This set does not disappoint. Oh and the fun Taking Flight baseball cap was $7.99. Jaxon is serious about his accessories, so I had to grab it for him. That cape though! Adorbs!

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So there you have it, our incredibly long winded Cookie’s Kids shopping haul. I’m sorry, y’all. I’m serious about my shopping hauls. As a token of my appreciation for sitting through this post, Cookie’s is offering a VERY GENEROUS giveaway of $100 to their store!

Win a $100 Cookie’s Kids Gift Card!!!

Sign up for the Cookie’s Kids newsletter to be entered in the giveaway and log your entries in the Rafflecopter below! ONLY people who sign up for the mailing list at are eligible to win. Giveaway ends 8/20/14 12AM CST.

We received clothing in exchange for sharing this promotion. Giveaway prize fulfillment will be handled by Cookie’s Kids.

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