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The Best Plants for Containers Under an Awning

Are you in the process of updating your garden and want to find the ideal plants for containers that will be placed under an awning? You want the plants to thrive in their environment and likely be as low-maintenance as possible, so that does require some planning. Not every variety will do well in that kind of low light condition. Here’s a look at the best plants to consider in this type of setting.


If you’re looking for a lush, beautiful, and low-maintenance plant, you simply can’t go wrong with hostas. Hostas are rare perennials that do well in just about all light conditions. They are hardy, versatile and require little work from you. They tend to do even better in shady areas. If you want a particularly eye-catching look, choose ones that flower in the summer. The flowers will provide a pop of colour and interest, and they also smell fabulous.

In terms of how fast they grow, hostas adapt to their environment. They will grow as big as their container allows. If you want the hosta to get bigger, put it in a bigger container. If it becomes overgrown, you can split it up and transplant it into additional containers. 


If you want something unique looking that has beautiful colours, then coleus could be a great option. This particular plant loves shady conditions, so there is no need to give the container full sunlight. They should get a bit of morning sun followed by shade for the rest of the day. This will allow it to thrive and be healthy. It also helps to bring out the bright red and pink that the leaves are known for. In terms of pruning, all you need to do is clip the branches in the shape you want so it doesn’t become too overgrown. If your container is a large size, then you may not even want to do this step.


Another fabulous option is the boxwood, which thrives in part sun, part shade. This plant stands upright so you get height out of it, and it grows in a mounded shape. You can also prune the boxwood with ease to ensure it keeps the shape you prefer.

Take Into Consideration the Size of the Awning

As you choose which plants to put in the containers, it’s important to think about the size of the awning and how much sunlight it will block. There’s also the question of how often the awning will be drawn down versus pulled back, meaning you can control how much sun the plants end up getting. If you’re looking to have a new awning installed, check out Nationwide Home Innovations, who are known for their high-quality patio awnings. They are made from the best materials you can get, so you can expect them to last. Patio awnings are all tailor-made so that gives you some leeway in terms of how large the awning is. You may only have a couple of planters fully covered with others being partially covered.

As you look to enjoy your patio awning, be sure to also consider your container options so that you bring a sense of nature and beauty to the space.

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