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Keeping Your Home Clean With A Cat Around

Cats are a part of the family. This means they live and get comfortable in your home, and should always feel safe and at ease. And while it’s wonderful your pet feels like the home is their own, sometimes this is to the detriment of your furniture, flooring and more. 

So is it possible for your home and your cat to live in purrfect harmony? Sure it is! Here are some tips for keeping your home clean with a cat around.

Invest in a handheld vacuum

When you live with a cat, you can expect a lot of fur to find its way around your home. Dealing with pet hair is one of the things you have to accept when you bring a pet into your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay on top of it. A handheld vacuum can be a bit of a lifesaver, helping you do quick sweeps of your home to stop the hair from building up.

Check out some of the other pet hair removal tools that can help you keep things as fur-free as possible.

Get into some good litter habits

Dealing with kitty litter isn’t really anyone’s favorite job, but if you don’t change your kitty’s litter tray regularly, your nose will know it. A solution like a Litter Genie is great for odor control and dealing with litter, so make sure you have a Litter Genie refill supply to hand will keep you stocked up. Innovative litter solutions make it much easier to take care of your cat, and your home.

Use mats near the doorway to dry dirty paws

A happy, healthy cat needs plenty of stimulation, and being able to go outdoors can help them with this. But when your kitty comes home after their adventures, the last thing you want to see is dirty paw prints all over your house. Having an absorbent mat by the door can help them dry their feet a little before they enter the rest of the house. Check your floors and surfaces regularly to help you clear up once your cat has returned home.

Groom your cat regularly

It’s important to keep your cat groomed. It will help keep their coat healthy, keep their claws trimmed and make sure they stay nice and clean. Even though your cat will spend a long time licking itself clean, you can help too – especially if they’ve been out in the dirt! Grooming your cat will help prevent their fur shedding all over the house, and keeping their claws trim can protect your furniture too. 

All members of your household can cause mess, but cats don’t do it on purpose. Finding ways to keep your home clean with a cat requires a little effort, but if you stay on top of things, most people won’t even notice you have a cat. Get into some good kitty-care habits to make your home a happy place to be for both your cat, and you.;tid=1;dt=6;

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