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This Year, Give Everyone in the House an Upgrade

How do you know when it is time to upgrade to something new? There is no easy way to determine the best time to replace that old and reliable for the new and untested. It doesn’t always go as planned. Often, it leaves you regretting your decision. 

There is also the matter of cost. Upgrading can be expensive. Some products get less expensive over time while others get more expensive. Upgrading a car likely means spending a lot more for the same class of vehicle than you did 7 years ago. 

What about being wasteful? Is it wrong to upgrade an item if you know you could get a little more mileage out of it? That depends on a lot of factors. You don’t want to literally run a car until the wheels fall off. That could be disastrous if you happen to be in it at the time. 

There is another factor to consider. Many people have just had a bad run of the last couple of years and could use a boost. You don’t have to wait until one piece of clothes falls apart before you buy your kids something new just because they want it. There is nothing wrong with getting everyone something new just for the joy of it. Here are a few suggestions:


Is it time to renew your vows? If so, then it might also be time to renew your rings. Consider one of those round cut engagement rings this time around. It is less about setting aside the old ring and more about providing new symbols that reflect the way your love has improved over the years. No relationship stays the same. Despite the ups and downs, relationships mature and age like a fine wine. The symbols of that relationship should reflect that reality.

Jewelry is never truly replaced. It is augmented by more jewelry. It is the sort of thing you collect over time. If you select quality pieces, your collection could actually have value that can be passed down to the next generation. You can upgrade your jewelry collection without replacing it. This is true of any collection. It could be stamps, action figures, coins, or art. Remember that jewelry is fashion. And fashion needs to be refreshed to keep up with the times. If you can’t remember the last time you bought that special someone a special piece of jewelry, it is definitely time for an upgrade.

Pet Toys

It is vitally important to keep your home pet-friendly if you have a pet. It is not the kind of thing that is one and done. It has to be continually monitored and updated. Just because your home was safe last week doesn’t mean it is this week. Did you buy a new plant? Not all plants are healthy or safe for all dogs. 

While you’re at it, get rid of that old, ratty chew toy. Is it so disgusting that you can’t even tell what color it originally was? If so, it’s time to toss it and get her a new favorite toy. You might think they are so attached to the toy that it would be a crime to throw it out. You would be wrong. They will forget it ever existed 5 minutes after it is out of sight. Keep your pet both healthy and happy. Upgrade their toys often.

Game Consoles

Attention all parents, that game console you bought the kids 7 years ago might still work just fine. But it is out of date and needs to be upgraded to the new version. Act fast, while the Playstation shortage could soon be over, the demand has never been higher. The latest Xbox is in the same boat. In case you haven’t heard, there has been a chip shortage that has affected all tech companies. That shortage is going to continue well into next year. You will have to act fast and be persistent. That said, it’s worth it. Your kids are worth it. Think of it this way: It will probably be another 7 years before you have to do it again. 

Don’t get too worked up over determining the perfect time to upgrade. You love your family. That is reason enough to upgrade the jewelry, the pet toys, and the game console. We’ll talk about that TV next time. 

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